Mono Solar Panel SW425M-144Half Cell Monocrystalline 144 Cells 405W-425W
Mono Solar Panel SW410M-144 410M


Mono Solar Panel SW410M-144 410M


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The product is available for order in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany

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Mono Solar Panel Features

  • Widely using of the most popular and mature type of modules for solar system
  • High power output and highest conversion efficiency of 21.30%
  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface reduces power loss from dirt and dust
  • Outstanding Performance in low-light irradiance environments
  • Excellent mechanical load resistance: Certified to withstand high wind loads (2400Pa) and Snow loads (5400Pa)
  • Positive power tolerance: 0~+5W


Mono Solar Panel SW425M-144Half Cell Monocrystalline 144 Cells 405W-425W warranty
  • 12 years for product defects in materials & workmanship
  • 12 years for 90% of warranted minimum power output
  • 30 years for 80% of warranted minimum power output
  • 30 years liner warranty

Reliable Quality

Mono Solar Panel SW425M-144Half Cell Monocrystalline 144 Cells 405W-425W reliable quality
  • Positive power tolerance: 0~+5W
  • 100% EL Double-inspection ensures modules are defects free
  • Modules Binned by Current to improve system performance
  • Potential induced Degradation (PID) Resistant
Mechanical parameters
Glass Thickness3.2mm
Dimensions (LWH)(mm)1762*1038*30mm
Cable Cross Section Size (mm²)4
Cable Cross Section Length (mm)300
No.of Cells and Connections144(6*24)
Junction BoxIP68
ConnectorMC4 Compatiple
Working Conditions
Maximum System VoltageDC 1500V(IEC)
Operating Temperature-40℃~ +85℃
Maximum Series Fuse20A
Maximum Static Load,Front (e.g.,snow and wind)5400Pa (112 lb/ft²)
Maximum Static Load,Back (e.g.,wind)2400Pa (50 lb/ft²)
Positive power tolerance0~ +5W
Application ClassClass A
Electrical Parameters
Maximum Power Pmax (W)410
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp/V)40.80
Maximum Power Current (Imp/A)10.05
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V)49.20
Short Circuit Current (Isc/A)10.58
Module Efficiency (%)20.50
Power Tolerance (W)0 ~ +5W
Temperature Coefficient of Isc (αIsc)+0.048%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Voc (βVoc)-0.25%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax (γPmp)-0.34%/℃
STCIrradiance 1000W/㎡, Cell Temperature 25℃, Spectrum AM 1.5
Maximum power, W

Module efficiency, %
Panel type:

Backboard color:

All Black

Cell type:


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Sunway Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar panels and inverters in China. Their mission is to create a new lifestyle incorporating clean energy to achieve harmony between humans and nature. As a professional supplier of solar modules and system solutions, Sunway Solar aims to benefit more people and transform the solar storage industry.

The company's key aspects include resource integration, development of customized energy storage solutions, provision of factory warranties, utilization of cloud supply chains, and multilingual technical support. Sunway Solar's products are of high quality and have relevant certifications such as TUV, IEC, CE, ISO, INMETRO, and UL, ensuring their reliability and safety.