Commercial Energy Storage System Solution

Container Energy Storage System

EverPower Container Series

For commercial, industrial, stadium, refugee camp, etc. application

This significant energy storage solution with its modular design concept, enables the highest flexibility both for rack-mounted and container-based constructions, giving the flexibility for the customer to deploy the system to nearly any nodes in the grid, supporting the services such as emergency power, new energy stabilizer, energy shifting, load shaving, grid stabilizer, frequency responding. With our deep experience in BESS (battery energy storage system), vertical industrial chain consolidation, and fantastic ROI control, this solution will be your trustable system in all ESS applications.

Commercial Energy Storage System Solution

Advantages of Commercial Storage Solution

Integrated solution
Load, Battery, Grid, and PV are all integrated into the energy storage system.

Easy to use
Multiple working mode programmable, seamless transfer from on-grid to off-grid, maximize solar energy self-consumption.

Safe and reliable
Comprehensive protection to protect inverter and battery, high-quality output power.

Smart O&M
Modbus and CAN protocol for remote monitoring and management.
Wide output power range & massive energy storage

  1. Output Power:50kW~1000kW
  2. Energy Storage Capacity: 50kWh~2000kWh

The system is flexible and can be deeply customized, and any unit can be increased or decreased.


  • Commercial applications;
  • Industrial applications;
  • Substation;
  • Power grid;
  • Stadium;
  • Refugee camps

Commercial backup energy storage system

EverPower Commercial Series

For factories, companies, villages and islands

With its modular design concept, this big energy storage solution enables the highest flexibility for EverPower commercial energy storage system solution, a high-power backup power supply solution. It has 50KW, 100KW, 150KW and 250KWpower inverters. It also has a huge LiFePO4 battery bank. It can bring long backup time to important loads.

Commercial Energy Storage System Solution


  • Support different battery access
  • Wide battery voltage range
  • With grid-connected charging and discharging, off-grid independent inverter functions
  • Reactive power and active power are adjustable+
  • Off-grid cold start function, support multi-machine parallel function
  • Flexible communication, can accept BMS commands in real-time, communication methods are RS485, CAN
  • Small size, easy to install, transport, and maintain. The highest power density and the highest efficiency is 97.5%
  • Low power consumption fan, with an intelligent temperature control system
  • AC and DC dual power backup to ensure the power supply of the control system


AC specification
Nominal power rating50kW100kW150kW250kW
Battery total energy capacity102.4kWh204.8kWh307.2kWh512kWh
Rated AC voltage400VAC400VAC400VAC400VAC
AC voltage range320 to 460VAC320 to 460VAC320 to 460VAC320 to 460VAC
Max. output current80A160A240A400A
Rated frequency50Hz / 60Hz50Hz / 60Hz50Hz / 60Hz50Hz / 60Hz
Power factor range1111
Inverter ma. efficiency97.3%97.3%97.3%97.3%
Battery specification
Battery capacity200Ah400Ah600Ah1000Ah
Rated battery voltage512VDC512VDC512VDC512VDC
Battery voltage range400VDC to 576VDC400VDC to 576VDC400VDC to 576VDC400VDC to 576VDC
ProtectionOvercharge, Overdischarge, Overload, Short-circuit, High temp., Low temp., etc.Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overload, Short-circuit, High temp., Low temp., etc.Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overload, Short-circuit, High temp., Low temp., etc.Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overload, Short-circuit, High temp., Low temp., etc.

Advantages and benefits of the whole system:

Model EPO5K-5E EPO5K-10E EPO5K-15E EPO5K-20E EPO5K-25E EPO5K-30E
AC specification
Nominal power rating 5kW 5kW 5kW 5kW 5kW 5kW
Battery total energy capacity 5.12kWh 10.24kWh 15.36kWh 20.48kWh 25.6kWh 30.72kWh
Rated AC voltage 230VAC (170VAC to 280VAC )
Max.charge current 60A
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Power factor range 1
Inverter efficiency >90%
Transfer switch Automatic, integrated / transfer time <20ms
Battery specification
Battery module capacity 5kWh per battery module, up to 6 modules
Battery voltage range 45VDC to 56.8VDC
Max charge current 50A per module
Protection Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overload, Short-circuit, High temp., Low temp., etc.
PV specification
Max.PV input power 5000W 5000W 5000W 5000W 5000W 5000W
Max.PV input voltage 500V
MPPT voltage range 120 ~ 450V
General specification
Monitoring WiFi & PC & APP
WxDxH (mm)
600x600x1200 600x600x1200 600x600x1600 600x600x1600 600x600x2000 600x600x2000
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