Electric 9-meter cruiser LYN-30 in Montenegro

High-capacity battery

Great speed

Excellent capacity

Electric cruiser LYN-30 in Montenegro

LYN-30 Cruiser Characteristics

  • Length: 9 m | Width: 3.6 m
  • Cruising speed: 25 knots
  • Maximum speed: 40 knots
  • Band: 50 nm
  • Passengers:  10-12, sleeps up to 6
  • Application: Sailboat

Price: from 300000

Design features that distinguish the LYN-30 boat from its counterparts:

  1. Increased size and capacity for the same price.
  2. Unique and proven hull design that reduces water resistance by 30-50%, resulting in a direct increase in range. Range increase is 35-65%.
  3. The design of Ivan Erdewicki, the best superyacht designer, guarantees public interest: the graphene glass fiber hull, the optional next-generation carbon fiber hydrofoil cannot but attract attention.
  4. New-generation ElevenEs batteries with up to 6,000 recharge cycles (compared to Tesla’s 1,500) plus silent vertical wind turbines of the original design to recharge the battery while driving.
  5. Twin 100 kW onboard electric motors should provide a cruising speed of 20-25 knots on a 9-meter boat while comfortably accommodating 6-8 people.
  6. Easy operation with proprietary software in line with the Tesla philosophy.
  7. The graphene fiberglass used to build the ship’s hull is fire-resistant, stronger and faster than “regular” fiberglass.
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Electric 9-meter cruiser LYN-30 in Montenegro