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  • Воздушный солнечный коллектор SF5-VСAir Solar Collector SF5-VС


    Air Solar Collector SF5-VС
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In our store you can buy solar collectors for air heaters - a new, environmentally friendly and efficient way of heating premises. Solar collectors for air heaters are mounted on the roof and collect heat from the sun, transferring it to the air inside the premises.

This type of collector is most effective in conditions of good insolation (sufficient sunlight) and good air circulation. Solar collectors for air heaters can be used in private homes, office buildings, shopping centers, sports facilities and other premises.

The main advantage of solar collectors for air heaters is that they do not require electricity for operation and are not limited by the need to connect to the power grid. They are also silent in operation and have a long service life.

If you are thinking about switching to solar collectors for air heaters, our store offers a wide range of products to choose from. We have a team of qualified specialists who will help you choose the right model and provide all the necessary information on installation and operation.