Solar Wall Topla Kuća

Topla Kuća solar collectors industrial systems – ventilation and heating using solar energy

Solar Wall Topla Kuća

We have successfully launched air solar collectors for domestic use on the market: the equipment allows hundreds of people to save money and makes their lives easier and more comfortable. And we went further.

Solar wall Topla Kuća is designed for any industrial premises. The patented system of prefabricated modules turns ordinary building walls into modern energy-efficient solutions that heat, ventilate and save money daily.

An industrial ventilation and heating system creates an additional thermal insulation layer and converts an average of 720 W of thermal energy per square meter. It works standalone!

Benefits of Topla Kuća solar wall, solar-powered industrial ventilation and heating system

Solar Wall Topla Kuća
  1. The equipment is suitable for any plane, and in the process of use, the design can be modified to take into account changing conditions. Moreover, no matter how the system is installed, it always clears itself of snow.
  2. Solar wall Topla Kuća integrates into existing heating and ventilation solutions without complexity and modifications.
  3. Allows you to adjust the operating modes, equipped with sensors at the request of the owner.
  4. The safest and most unpretentious ventilation and heating system: no gas or electricity is needed, and at the same time the risk of fire or short circuit is reduced to zero.
  5. For installation and installation do not need permits from the supervisory authorities.
  6. The Topla Kuća system is so easy to install that the speed of its installation reaches 40 m2 per day.
  7. Lasts 20 years with a 3-year warranty.
  8. The minimum payback period is 12 months.
  9. The entire cycle of development, production and assembly is carried out by the manufacturer without intermediaries and assembly teams who are not familiar with the product.

How the solar-powered industrial ventilation and heating system Topla Kuća designed

Solar Wall Topla Kuća

The principle of operation of the Topla Kuća solar wall system for heating and ventilation of industrial facilities

When the sun hits the panel, the temperature sensors take readings, as soon as the set values ​​are reached, the fans turn on. They work either from the built-in solar panel or from electricity.
The coolant in Topla Kuća solar wall is air. With the circulation type of the system, it is pumped from the inside of the room, with the ventilation type – from the street (filters are installed at the inlets that clean it).

Solar Wall Topla Kuća

Sunlight heats the heat-absorbing layer, transferring heat to the system’s air. The process occurs autonomously, starting with daylight hours and resuming every morning.

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