10 myths about solar panels

Over the past 10 years, solar energy and energy have experienced a sharp rise and have become real competitors for traditional energy sources. Unfortunately, this has contributed to the emergence of misconceptions about solar panels, batteries and other devices.

10 misconceptions about solar panels and solar equipment:

  1. Solar panels do not work in bad weather.

Fact: Devices work in all weather conditions. The level of electricity that the panels generate is the same at any time of the year and day. The maximum efficiency of solar panels according to statistics: Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Russia and China.

  1. Solar panels made in China are the worst.

Fact: More than 80% of alternative energy devices are manufactured in China. When buying equipment, pay attention to the brand, if it is popular, there will be no quality problems.

  1. Solar panels are difficult to install and maintain.
10 myths about solar panels
Installation fo solar panels

Fact: Panels are easy to install if you use equipment from a reliable supplier. For the correct operation of the collectors, it is necessary to do a general cleaning once a year. Devices withstand aggressive weather conditions, sleet, hail and others.

  1. Solar energy is expensive.

Fact: Between 2009 and 2015, the average cost of solar panels dropped by 30%. Fossil fuel electricity has become more expensive over the past year than solar energy.

  1. When installing the panels, the roof of the house is damaged.

Fact: Solar panels protect the roof from the weather. Fasteners are mounted on top of the roof, and the gaps are filled with sealant.

  1. Excess electricity is stored in the panel system.

Fact: The amount of electricity is limited by the depth of charge of the battery. By connecting the system to the electrical network, the excess can be transferred to the local power grid if the device is equipped with a battery.

  1. A home with solar panels is hard to sell.

Fact: The presence of batteries increases the value and speeds up the sale of real estate. The value of the house, depending on the device, increases by up to $ 15,000.

  1. Investment in solar energy is useless if there is coal.

Fact: Coal is a dirty fossil fuel that harms mine and factory workers. Burning coal harms the environment and ecology, increasing the level of smog, carbon dioxide and mercury in the atmosphere. In addition, coal is a limited source of energy; in the 21st century, it is customary to think about the prospects.

  1. The choice of batteries is influenced by the size of the house.

Fact: The size of the house when buying panels is not important. Homeowners need to pay attention to roof pitch, insolation, and orientation. Solar modules are best installed in an area where there is access to the right amount of light and where tall buildings and trees do not interfere.

  1. After the end of their useful life, solar collectors become harmful to the planet.

Fact: The life of the panels is 35 years. After its completion, efficiency is lost and it becomes necessary to re-process the product. Many manufacturers accept systems for recycling free of charge.

Do you still believe in the myths about solar panels?

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