Is it possible to make industrial space heating inexpensive?

Insufficient heating of the industrial premises leads to:

  • violation of production technology and requirements of the Labor Code for workplaces;
  • freezing of the building itself, the appearance of microcracks in the supporting structures and a decrease in the life of the facility;
  • increased wear of equipment and tools not intended for use at sub-zero temperatures;
  • failure of engineering communications: rupture of sewerage and water supply, destruction of wiring insulation.

Owners face insufficient heating of industrial premises for two main reasons.

  1. Weak central heating system or not designed for operation in the current conditions (record-breaking low winter temperature).
  2. Violation of the thermal insulation of the object: a decrease in the energy efficiency of the entire building or a separate room.

The lack of heating may also be due to the fact that initially the room was not intended for year-round use, it was seasonal. In any case, it is necessary to think about local heating in an industrial premises, since violation of the temperature regime in the industrial zone leads to adverse consequences:

Additional heating of industrial premises

Additional heating of industrial premises

Faced with insufficient heating of the entire facility or individual rooms, the owner is interested in additional heating, which would not require serious time or financial investments, and at the same time effectively cope with its tasks.
There are several approaches to additional heating. For example, you can increase the capacity of the main system by choosing a productive boiler, increasing the number of heating mains, or changing their wiring diagram. But this method cannot be called economical, since it requires:

  • conduct a preliminary audit of the thermal efficiency of the facility;
  • draw up new project documentation, taking into account the identified “weak points” in the existing heating system;
  • purchase new/additional equipment;
  • to carry out its installation and commissioning, which requires a lot of time.

As a result, the object will become usable only after a few weeks or even months. If you need to use an industrial space right now, the alternative is to choose local heaters.
It can be a household appliance, such as an oil or infrared device. But, as practice shows, the solution is inefficient: they have a limited area of ​​​​action, for spacious industrial premises or even for large offices, their connection will not give the desired result.
Local heating in an industrial building with the help of heat guns shows itself better. But they also have disadvantages: devices consume expensive liquid fuel, generate toxic exhaust during operation, create an unacceptably high noise level (which is critical if people are in the same room).
A promising way out of the situation is a solar autonomous heater for industrial premises. With its help, local heating of areas in need of this is organized without burdening the central system. Other benefits:

  • minimum installation time: installation takes several hours, commissioning is not required.
  • free operation: the solar heater consumes only the energy of the sun, it does not need to be connected to the power grid or supply liquid, solid fuel.
  • environmental friendliness: low noise level and no exhaust.

Local heating in the production room – cheap

The heater uses solar energy to heat the air entering the collector. The fan delivers prepared air masses into the room and maintains their constant circulation. The working area heats up quickly. With the help of a solar collector, it is possible to establish heating of a production facility quickly, to abandon the re-equipment of the main heating system. It can be used for seasonal work in temporary huts.
Additionally, the solar heater solves the following tasks:

  1. Protects the industrial premises from freezing and related risks.
  2. Eliminates high humidity.
  3. Filters air masses.
  4. Maintains the temperature regime at a level comfortable for a person, regardless of weather conditions.

Such heating of industrial premises has proven itself in the USA, Canada, European countries and is being successfully implemented in Russia.

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