Ventilation in the nursery

Nursery – a place where plants or animals are grown and bred: dogs, cats, birds. Here, animals and plants are experimentally studied to improve species.

Ventilation in the plant nursery

Ventilation in the plant nursery

Daytime temperature in the nursery, depending on the type of plants and terrain: not lower than 16 degrees Celsius, and at night – 7-9 Celsius.
Humidity depends on the type of crop being grown.

Ventilation in the animal kennel

Ventilation in the animal kennel

Relative humidity within 30-70%, ventilation system recirculates air 10-15 times per hour.
The temperature in the box is 15 – 20 degrees Celsius, fluctuates within 2 degrees per day.
The data are given as an average. It should be remembered that the ventilation in the dog kennel and the ventilation in the cat kennel must provide different temperatures and humidity. Moreover, they can vary from breed to breed: for example, for Sphynx cats, a temperature of 25 degrees is important, and for Persians – 20-23 degrees.

Ventilation in the birdhouse

Ventilation in the birdhouse

For birds, maintaining temperature and humidity plays an important role. For adult birds, the temperature ranges from 20-25 ° C, but for chicks and weakened individuals, it should be higher.
Under ideal conditions, air is renewed five times in 1 hour in winter and thirty times in summer.

Consequences of improper ventilation in the nursery

Violations in the provision of the ventilation system in the nursery leads to:

  • the death of young animals – this is caused by too low or high temperature, lack of oxygen, high humidity levels;
  • the emergence and spread of diseases due to insufficient air exchange;
  • the appearance of pathologies in the development of animals and birds;
  • persistent unpleasant odors;
  • rotting plants, slow growth.

Ventilation in nurseries with solar energy

In the countries of the European Union, in China, the United States, solar energy is used to ventilate small private nurseries. Its advantages:

  • available and not tied to the mains;
  • saves money, as solar-powered devices operate autonomously;
  • safe because it does not cause voltage surges and short circuits in the network.

In Russia, the use of solar energy for domestic or private needs is only gaining popularity, because previously there were no ventilation devices designed for ordinary people. And Solar Fox offered such a solution.

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