Mono Solar Panel Sunway solar SW420M-108


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The product is available for order in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany

Half Cell Monocrystalline Aluminum Frame – 108 Cells 420W

Mono Solar Panel Features

  • Widely using of the most popular and mature type of modules for solar system
  • High power output and highest conversion efficiency of 21.51%
  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface reduces power loss from dirt and dust
  • Outstanding Performance in low-light irradiance environments
  • Excellent mechanical load resistance: Certified to withstand high wind loads (2400Pa) and Snow loads (5400Pa)
  • Positive power tolerance: 0~+5W
  • Aluminum Frame


Mono Solar Panel SW425M-144Half Cell Monocrystalline 144 Cells 405W-425W warranty
  • 12 years for product defects in materials & workmanship
  • 12 years for 90% of warranted minimum power output
  • 30 years for 80% of warranted minimum power output
  • 30 years liner warranty

Reliable Quality

Mono Solar Panel SW425M-144Half Cell Monocrystalline 144 Cells 405W-425W reliable quality
  • Positive power tolerance: 0~+5W
  • 100% EL Double-inspection ensures modules are defects free
  • Modules Binned by Current to improve system performance
  • Potential induced Degradation (PID) Resistant
Mechanical parameters
Cell(mm)Mono 182*91 mm
Glass Thickness3.2mm
Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm)1722*1134*35mm
Cable Cross Section Size (mm²)4
Cable Cross Section Length (mm)300
No.of Cells and Connections108(6*18)
Junction BoxIP68
ConnectorMC4 Compatible
Working Conditions
Maximum System VoltageDC 1000V/1500V
Operating Temperature-40℃~ +85℃
Maximum Series Fuse20A
Maximum Static Load,Front (e.g.,snow and wind)5400Pa (112 lb/ft²)
Maximum Static Load,Back (e.g.,wind)2400Pa (50 lb/ft²)
Positive power tolerance0~ +5W
Application ClassClass A
Electrical Parameters
EncapsulationClass / Eva / Cell / Eva / Backsheet
Maximum Power Pmax (W)420
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp/V)31.60
Maximum Power Current (Imp/A)13.30
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V)37.56
Short Circuit Current (Isc/A)13.98
Module Efficiency (%)21.51
Power Tolerance (W)0 ~ +5W
Temperature Coefficient of Isc (αIsc)+0.048%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Voc (βVoc)-0.27%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax (γPmp)-0.34%/℃
STCIrradiance 1000W/㎡, Cell Temperature 25℃, Spectrum AM 1.5

Engineering Drawings

Mono Solar Panel SW400M-108

I-V Curve

Mono Solar Panel SW400M-108
Mono Solar Panel SW400M-108
Maximum power, W

Module efficiency, %



Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Cell type:

Half-cell, Monocrystalline

Panel type: