Солнечная сетевая станция комплект 6,6 кВт
Solar grid station – 11 kW kit



Solar grid station – 11 kW kit


All prices are quoted excluding VAT and do not include delivery costs

The product is available for order in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany


Composition of a 11 kW grid-tied solar plant kit:

  1. 20 550-watt panels to choose from
  2. DEYE 10 kW mains inverter to choose from:
  3. Cables 100 m
  4. DC and AC boxes
  5. Fastening kit for tile roofs
  6. The price of this kit INCLUDES the installation

The installation of such a station requires approximately 60-70 m2 of sloping roof. Please get in touch with our specialists for an exact calculation, taking into account the peculiarities of your household.

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Topla Kuća is a trade and production company that creates and supplies equipment for efficiently using solar energy, converting it into heat and electricity.

Our mission is to develop green energy and efficiently use our planet’s resources while caring for people and the environment.

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Our company is engaged in the development and implementation of projects in the field of green energy in the territory of Montenegro. The IRR of our projects ranges from 22% to 30%.