Air solar collector for the basement

The air solar collector creates a healthy microclimate in the basement, maintains a temperature of 16-21 degrees or lower, if the owner of the basement wants it, updates the gas composition of the air in the basement. This eliminates the room from an unpleasant, musty smell, retains products, inventory from damage.
To Basement ventilation It did not take away the means and time, use the autonomous ventilation system. It also includes solar collectors.

Air solar collector for ventilation of the basement: principle of operation

Air solar collector for the basement

The autonomous operation of a solar manifold for the basement means that it does not need to be connected to external power sources, for example, to the mains. The collector only works on the energy of the sun.
How does this happen?

  1. The sun’s rays, falling on the equipment, make the built -in fans rotate and heat the air entering the collector.
  2. Using fans, the air is pumped into the room. The temperature difference provides the movement of air masses, and the spent, musty and wet air is pulled out of the basement.
  3. Dry, moderately warm and fresh air enters the room until the sun shines or until the owner turns off the solar collector.

Advantages of air solar manual for the basement

To equip the ventilation system in the basement requires permission, the installation of equipment takes more than one day. In addition, electricity is the risk of fire and the growth of accounts from energy -bond companies.
Air solar collector for the basement is deprived of these shortcomings:

  • No need for installation is needed;
  • The owner can put the device himself;
  • Work on the energy of the Sun – protection against closes in the mains and voltage drops;
  • The solar collector works regardless of the season – in winter, in summer, autumn and spring;
  • When using the device, substances that are dangerous to the life and health of a person are not distinguished.

Air solar collector for the basement saves funds – solar energy is free.

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