Air solar collector for bungalows

Bungalow is small, more often one -story, a season of seasonal residence. Construction standards require maximum energy efficiency from ventilation and heating, which is provided by the air solar collector for the bungalow.

Air collector is an autonomous device mounted on the wall or roof. The solar collector in the bungalow is used to supply fresh air (ventilation) or heating (heating) to the house. The device takes the air from the street or from the room, heats it and pumps it into the house with solar energy. Active air exchange begins: stagnant gases are removed, and the rooms are filled with fresh warm air.

Air solar collector for ventilation bungalows

Air solar collector for bungalows

To achieve the required sanitary indicators of air exchange in residential premises, natural ventilation is not enough. Therefore, in the houses, supply ventilation systems are mounted, for example, an air solar collector for a bungalow. Unlike electrical equipment, it does not require connection to the mains, does not create a risk of short circuit, does not consume expensive energy resources. The collector works for free: the owner is spent only on the purchase of equipment. Also, the device does not require expensive service.
The air solar collector for ventilation of the bungalow is suitable for creating a centralized system or ventilation of a separate room, for example, an attic or a basement. In addition to supplying fresh air, the collector effectively solves a number of conjugated tasks:

  1. Removes excess moisture from the air.
  2. Prevents condensate on the walls.
  3. It supports a healthy microclimate that is unfavorable for the development of mold.
  4. Eliminates unpleasant odors that appear due to accumulation in the house of stagnant air masses.

Air solar collector effectively copes with the tasks ventilation in the bungalow. And also used for its heating.

Air solar collector for heating bungalows

The task of heating is to maintain a positive temperature in the house. There are a variety of types of heating systems, each of which differs in its advantages and disadvantages. The solar collector in the bungalow heats the room due to the periodic circulation of warmed air masses: walls, floor, interior items heat up, a temperature comfortable and maintained and maintained.

Such a heating principle allows you to quickly warm up the room to the desired temperature, which is one of the advantages of air solar collectors for heating in bungalo.
The device prevents freezing of building structures in the cold season, does not allow icing the walls, which positively affects the life of the whole house.

The main advantages of solar collectors

Choosing solutions for heating and ventilation in a bungalow, and contractors and owners are interested in the acquisition and installation of systems that would be:

  • Easy in installation and maintenance;
  • They did not require difficult preparation before installation: development of design documentation, summing up power cables to the installation site;
  • They consumed a minimum amount of resources.

The collectors meet these requirements. Since they are autonomous, they can be installed even in temporary housing or not electrified facilities under construction. The lack of the need to connect to the mains increases the fire safety of the equipment. His work is free and no additional resources are required to maintain it, except for solar energy.

Air solar collector for a bungalow is a modern and environmentally friendly solution that allows you to create effective heating and ventilation systems.

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