Air solar collector for the sauna

The air collector (drive) uses the energy of the sun for work. This is a device consisting of solar batteries, an adsorbent and fan layer.

The air solar collector for the sauna is able to productively solve problems with ventilation, heating and drainage of the room. The device does not require an electricity connection and operates automatically. The purpose of the device is to drain the construction, the supply of fresh air. This process is provided through ventilation of the building with a warm air mixture. Thus, the structure of the structure from the destructive effects of excess humidity, the occurrence of mold and fungus in the room is ensured, the possibility of freezing equipment and pipes is excluded.

What are the problems with the heating of the sauna solve the device

Due to the warming of air, excess moisture is removed from the room, which means:

  • There is no mold and a fungus in the room;
  • the surface of the wood in the decoration of the walls is not destroyed;
  • The preservation of a stable temperature ensures the comfort of taking hygiene procedures;
  • Electricity is not needed for heating – the use of the collector saves means;
  • The equipment and pipes installed inside the building do not freeze.

The solar collector for the sauna protects the building from the emergence of the above problems.

What are the problems with the ventilation of the sauna solve the equipment

Air solar collector for the sauna

Basically the purpose of the solar manifold in the sauna is autonomous ventilation of the room with heated air. The device performs the task of creating forced supply ventilation in the construction.
What is the ventilation in the steam room using a solar manifold:

  • to update the gas composition and ensure the flow of oxygen;
  • to save heat and energy costs;
  • for excretion of excess moisture;
  • To eliminate the smell in the room of the steam room.

As a result of regular ventilation of the steam room, it is comfortable in it, the life of the building is extended. Ventilation with a solar manifold – effective prevention of corrosion of equipment and the appearance of mold and fungus on the walls.

Air solar collector for the sauna: Benefits of the device

Pros of use:

  • No accounts for the use of electricity;
  • regular heating and ventilation that do not require the constant presence of a person;
  • device safety;
  • simplicity of design and installation;
  • Lack of breakdowns.

The safety of the device and the lack of mechanisms in need of electric energy make it possible to use the air solar manifold for ventilation and heating of the sauna.

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