Air solar collector for vegetable stores

Air solar collector for vegetable stores – equipment that works on the energy of the sun. It is used for ventilation or heating of the premises: residential, industrial, temporary residence.

Using solar collectors for ventilation and heating vegetable stores

Air solar collector for vegetable stores

The main problems faced by the owners of the vegetable stores:

  • freezing of products in winter and autumn;
  • reduced temperatures in the rooms where the staff works;
  • increased humidity, the appearance of condensate;
  • growth of fungus and mold, rotting of vegetables and root crops;
  • Todged air with a low oxygen content.

To solve the above, set ventilation and heating systems operating on solar energy.
Air solar collector for vegetable stores:

  1. The air heated by the rays of the sun into the premises is escalated – the temperature rises to the norms and labor legislation established by sanitary standards;
  2. drains the room – eliminates humidity and condensate, blocks the development of the fungus and mold;
  3. It displaces the air saturated with products and carbon dioxide, replacing fresh and filtered.

Thanks to this, the products of the vegetable stores preserve the due time.

Advantages of the air solar manifold

Advantages of the air solar manifold
  1. The collector is easy to install – the installation of a wall manifold takes no more than forty minutes, it can do without engineering education.
  2. The equipment works autonomously – you do not need to follow it, as for gas heating.
  3. The device is used where there are no power lines or other communications – it does not need a network connection.
  4. In winter, in summer, autumn and spring – a solar collector for a vegetable store works without interruptions.
  5. The system saves the owner of the owner – reduces the accounts for electricity and gas (or other) heating, because it works on the free energy of the sun.

Air solar collectors for vegetable stores are successfully used in worldwide.

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