Air solar collector for vegetable ventures

The air solar collector for the vegetable venture is used to ventilate or heat the room. The device works on solar energy, does not require supervision, and is safe.

The principle of operation of the air solar manifold for vegetable sales

Air solar collector for vegetable ventures

How does the equipment work? The principle of operation of heating equipment and ventilation is different.
So for a solar collector for ventilation, the vegetable sales boards air from the street.Thereby:

  • There is a constant influx of fresh air;
  • The gas composition is updated – unpleasant odors, and “breathing” of vegetables are leaving;
  • a constant temperature is maintained, which increases the shelf life of products;
  • Condensate dries, mold, and fungus do not develop.

Heating collectors use air from the room: with solar energy, it warms up, filters, and is again supplied to the room.
Equipment is best used for local heating: rooms, and working premises.

Solving problems of vegetable equipment using an air solar manifold

The problems that the owners of the vegetable base and vegetable stores are faced in the autumn-winter period:

  • accelerated rotting of vegetables and root crops due to excessive humidity;
  • freezing of products;
  • development of fungus and mold;
  • musty, unpleasant air and lack of oxygen;
  • temperatures below people recommended for work.

An air solar collector for ventilation or heating vegetable equipment eliminates the listed problems and allows you to save.
The work of equipment on solar energy eliminates the payment of electricity accounts or gas supply!
Air solar collector for vegetable ventures:

  1. provides sanitary standards for storage conditions of products;
  2. saves funds for ventilation and heating of the premises;
  3. It does not require measures to ensure safety – the device will not light up, does not explode, does not close, and will not cause interruptions in the voltage of the mains.

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