Air solar collector in the nursery

Air solar collector in the nursery

The air solar collector in the nursery allows solving heating and ventilation problems. Solar manifold – autonomous equipment operating on top -up solar energy. The device is actively used in worldwide to create energy -efficient ventilation and heating systems in residential, administrative, industrial, agricultural and veterinary complexes.
The solar manifold in the nursery provides the necessary heat-and-pumped air norms in the winter, eliminates excess humidity, and prevents the formation of condensate on the walls. The air solar collector maintains a stable positive temperature in the nursery, necessary for the content of animals in their comfortable conditions.

Air solar collector for heating a nursery

Depending on the selected model, the solar collector in the nursery solves the problems of heating or ventilation. The principle of operation of various equipment is similar. The collector turns on from the effects of sunlight. They heat the air entering the collector by 10-45ºS, which is then supplied to the room using the fan.
Air solar collector for heating a nursery solves problems:

  • Heating of the premises up to 16-20ºS in the winter, which meets the requirements of veterinary control for temperature in nurseries.
  • Prevention of freezing of the premises and extending the operational period of the building.
  • Protection against condensate formation on the walls, which reduces the thermal insulation characteristics of the insulation and leads to heat loss.

Solar collectors are installed on the walls, they are not available to animals, which means they are completely safe.

Air solar collector for ventilation of a nursery

If the air solar manifold is used for ventilation of the nursery, his tasks includes:

  • Ensuring the influx of fresh air at the rate of at least 30 m3/h for each employee of the institution.
  • Timely removal of spent air masses, including carbon dioxide and other breathing products, through ventilation shafts, hatches and natural gaps.
  • Maintaining a healthy microclimate and normal humidity in the room, regardless of weather conditions.

Advantages of using air collectors in nurseries

Air solar collector in the nursery

When choosing heating and ventilation equipment for nurseries, the tasks of engineers include the choice of devices:

  1. supporting the necessary temperature and humidity characteristics of the air,
  2. effectively working in any conditions,
  3. safe for animals,
  4. requiring minimal financial costs at each stage of use.

The use of solar collectors in nurseries allows you to achieve these goals, and differs in a number of advantages:

  • Autonomy.

The operation of heating and ventilation does not depend on the connection to centralized communications and electric networks. An additional load on the mains is not created, the waste of energy is reduced during the heating season.

  • Economic expediency.

The installation of a solar manifold will cost many times cheaper than another modern ventilation and heating equipment. Installation is simple and fast, expensive maintenance is not required.

  • Environmental friendliness.

Collectors operate on updated solar energy, do not form any exhausts in the process, are completely safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

The air solar collector in the nursery meets the requirements for energy efficiency and productivity.

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