Air solar manifold for townhouse

Air solar collector for tower house – equipment that can provide ventilation and heating of all rooms, acting using the energy of sunlight without the need to connect to the mains.

Air solar manifold for ventilation of Townhaus

Air solar manifold for townhouse

Air solar collector for Townhouse ventilation provides the following aspects of a comfortable and favorable microclimate:

  • eliminates increased humidity in the room and protects the house from the appearance of mold, condensate, fungus on the walls and floor;
  • provides an influx of fresh air, a sufficient amount of oxygen;
  • provides a room temperature comfortable for humans and animals or plants;
  • Eliminates the dustiness of the room.

Air solar manifold for heating Townhaus

Air solar manifold for heating Townhouse is needed to:

  • maintain a stable positive air temperature in the cold season;
  • Transfer heat to a person and objects in the room.

Sunny manifold for Townhouse: Advantages

When resolving the issue of ventilation or heating, the use of a solar manifold for Townhouse provides the following benefits:

  1. Cost savings (do not depend on the power grid, no need to pay for electricity bills);
  2. The source of energy is available at any time of the year (the sun’s rays are accumulated and converted even in winter);
  3. Safety (equipment will not break even with sharp voltage drops, since it is completely autonomous; there is no possibility of explosion, fire).

Air solar collector for Townhouse – high -quality equipment common both in the US markets, Europe, Canada, Russia and worldwide.

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