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Jnod Specializes In Electric Water Heating Solution

Boost your business with superior water heating solutions from JNOD. They’re a seasoned hot water system supplier known for their production expertise, unmatched quality control, exceptional R&D, and various custom services.

Patent Heating Technology

Jnod’s patented heating technology targets common pain points, providing fast and effective solutions. With unique heating methods and superior materials, Jnod’s products deliver quick pain remedies for lasting troubles. Experience the benefits of their innovative solutions and a more pleasant way of heating water.

electronic function of the JNOD electric water heating solution 01

Pain Points:

Common safety issues with electric water heaters include leakages, electrical faults, scaling, dry heating, and irregular water temperature.


Patented Solution:

Jnod’s electric heating element with straight tube shape, low cost, and increased lifespan. Surrounding water pipes and a cast aluminum shell improve heating efficiency and safety.

image of the JNOD electric water heating tube 01

Pain Points:

Common instant faucets often have complex internal structures due to heating and piping components within the faucet body. This limits the size and heating effect, resulting in poor performance


Patented Solution:

Jnod separates the main body and heating device, providing a reasonable structure, safe use, and easy installation. The heating device quickly responds to sensor signals, ensuring efficient and low-cost maintenance.


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