SUN-5/6/8/10/12K-SG04LP3 | 5-12kW | Three Phase | 2 MPPT | Hybrid Inverter | Low Voltage Battery

Inverters for Solar Panels Deye

The main task of the grid inverter is to convert the DC energy generated from the PV array into usable alternating current. Hybrid inverters go further and work with batteries to store excess energy. In the developing world, hybrid inverters are more necessary to compensate for weak or intermittent grids or grid power shortages.

Deye hybrid inverters include single-phase 3-16kV and three-phase 8-12kV, SUN-3K-SG04LP1-24-EU uses a 24V battery, and the others use a 48V battery. Also, SUN-16K-SG01LP1-EU is the maximum single-phase hybrid inverter in the global market.

The grid-interactive converter consists of several hardware elements. The network interactive inverter controls and monitors the electricity connection from power plants. In addition, it also controls the disconnection of excess current from the plant.
It ensures demand-based dispatching of power during peak times.

You can buy Deye inverters on our website. We deliver to Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and other European and Balkan countries.

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