A brief overview of pool heating methods

Insufficient heating of the pool leads to a number of problems:

  1. Violation of sanitary and hygienic standards: it is not only unpleasant to be in such a pool, it is dangerous to health, and the risk of colds increases.
  2. Excessive humidity: the room becomes damp, an unpleasant smell appears, water condenses on the walls and floor.
  3. Mold growth: Due to constant dampness and coolness, mold colonies quickly develop. The fungus destroys structural and finishing materials, accelerates the decay and corrosion of metal, and thins the wiring insulation.

Usually the reason for insufficient heating is low-power central heating, which is not able to cope with the building’s coldness in the winter season, or a violation of thermal insulation. How to heat the pool so that it maintains a constant comfortable temperature for a person, and there is no problem of high humidity? There are several options.

Modern heating systems for rooms with swimming pools

A brief overview of pool heating methods

The first solution is to increase the performance of existing (eg water) heating. But it is rarely resorted to: increasing power means large financial costs. A new boiler is required, a different piping (and this entails a full-scale repair), an increase in fuel consumption to increase the temperature of the coolant. Many people prefer to look for alternative ways to solve the problem: use a local heater for the pool.
The advantages of such a solution:

  • Comfort in the pool no longer depends on the heating of the house or other objects: the heater can be turned on / off as needed and set to the desired temperature.
  • Minimum time costs: many pool heating systems do not require complex installation and preliminary design calculations. They just need to be plugged in and ready to go.
  • Attractive price: the cost of heating devices is significantly lower than the cost of upgrading the entire system.

But the efficiency of the heaters will depend on the characteristics of the devices themselves, their power and the principle of operation. Oil and infrared heaters are not very suitable for the pool. They are not able to cope with a large area, heat the room locally, and in the rest of the temperature rises slightly. In addition, they take a long time to heat up the air.
More interesting in this respect are devices operating on the principle of heat guns. They heat the air and disperse hot air masses throughout the volume of the room. In the pool, a pleasant temperature for a person will quickly be established and it is easy to maintain it at the right level. But even here there are disadvantages: heat guns consume a lot of electricity, and if they are diesel (or gasoline), then in the process they also form exhaust toxic to humans.
These shortcomings are completely devoid of a solar heater for the pool. Working on the same principle as a heat gun, it is environmentally friendly, almost silent, and does not consume expensive energy sources. This already makes us look more closely at solar devices.

Economic heating in the pool

The use of solar heaters allows you to organize autonomous local heating, which is turned on as needed. During operation, the solar collector heats the air, additionally purifies it and eliminates excess moisture. The device answers the question: “How to heat the pool?”, As well as:

  • eliminates condensate;
  • prevents corrosion of finishing and building materials due to high humidity;
  • protects the object from the appearance of mold.

Solar heating is attractive because its implementation does not require the creation of project documentation, coordination of the installation of devices. Installation is simple and quick, done by yourself. The cost of a pool device is comparable to the price of electrical equipment.
With the help of solar appliances, it is easy to organize the heating of the pool, even if it is not electrified. Since the air collector is not connected to the mains, it does not increase the load on it, does not create a risk of short circuit and can be operated without human supervision.

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