Bungalow heating

Bungalow is a single family home. The number of storeys of the building can vary, but almost always the bungalow has a spacious terrace and a flat roof. The bungalow is designed for year-round use, and therefore it provides for all engineering communications. Bungalow heating is most often autonomous, not centralized.
According to current regulations, during the cold season, the temperature in the bungalow must be maintained at least + 20ºS (GOST 30494-96). How to maintain the desired performance and provide comfortable living conditions with minimal financial costs?

Types of heating in the bungalow

If you plan to live in the house all year round, then the question of whether heating is needed in the bungalow is not worth it. The owner thinks about something else: how to create efficient, but at the same time economical heating? There are several solutions.

Types of heating in the bungalow

The first is the classic water heating, but it is rarely used in a bungalow. There are several reasons for this:

  • Expensive implementation.

To create water heating requires the purchase and installation of a boiler, radiators, pipelines around the entire perimeter of the house.

  • Complex design.

It is impossible to independently calculate the required capacity of the equipment and create a heating pipe layout plan; you need to order project documentation and coordinate the project with regulatory authorities.

  • High costs during the heating season.

During operation, the boiler house consumes a lot of fuel (gas, diesel or electricity), which creates additional expenses during the heating season.

An alternative to water heating can be electric heating of a bungalow. Various types of heaters, underfloor heating, infrared panels are being installed. Despite the fact that with their help it is easy to achieve a comfortable temperature and maintain it, all these devices create a high load on the electrical network. During the heating season, electricity bills become astronomical, and the risk of short circuits and fires increases.

Therefore, the owners of suburban housing came to the conclusion that the economical heating of a bungalow is an air heating powered by solar energy. Its advantages:

  • fast heating of rooms of any area;
  • the ability to quickly change the temperature regime if necessary;
  • uniform heat distribution: no cold zones.

But the main advantage of air solar heating in a bungalow is that it does not consume electricity or other paid energy carrier, that is, it works completely free of charge and does not create a financial burden during the winter season.

Solar heating of a bungalow as an inexpensive and efficient way of heating

Easy installation.

Equipment is selected based on the total area of ​​​​the house. One or more collectors are purchased, the devices are installed on the sunny side of the building or on the roof. It does not require the development of project documentation or coordination with supervisory authorities. Installation takes a minimum of time.

Unlike other types of heating in a bungalow, solar does not require an electrical connection, so it can be used to heat non-electrified objects.

The economical solar heating of the bungalow copes with its task. The equipment maintains a positive, comfortable temperature for a person throughout the cold season.
Bungalow solar heating is used in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and the CIS, as it is an economical heating solution.

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