Compare and reduce heating costs

Reducing heating costs is an important question that excites the owners of cottages, industrial and other buildings for doing business.The high cost of traditional energy carriers forces to constantly compare the prices of various options for the organization of heating in search of the ability to minimize the financial burden to pay for bills.

Comparison of expenses when using common heating systems

A comparison of heating costs is carried out using the example of a building whose area occupies 100 square meters.m, with a wall height of 2.7 m. The calculation applies approximate data, allowing you to make a general idea of the heating costs when using the most popular fuel varieties.

If desired, the calculation formula can be changed, substituting in the numbers characterizing the premises with other parameters. This will clarify the information received. The initial conditions will be the following:

Compare and reduce heating costs
  • The duration of the heating season is 7 months;
  • The work of the boiler takes 50% of the total time;
  • The unit of measurement of the thermal power of the boiler will serve as a kW*h;
  • High-quality insulation of the room;
  • For heating 1 sq.m (which in volume will be up to 3 cubic meters) of the living space will require about 0.1 kW of the thermal power of the boiler;
  • To fulfill more accurate calculations in the regions of central Russia, an indicator of 41 watts per 1 cubic meter is used.m.

On average, you need a boiler with a power indicator of 10 kW to heat the building of these dimensions. It’s continuous functioning (24 hours a day) will require the production of 7200 kW*h for 30 days of work, that is, with 50% loading, 3600 kWh will need.

It is this number that will serve as the basis for calculating the cost of heating the room. Multiplying it by the accepted number of months of the heating season, we get 25200 kWh per year. Accounting for the individual characteristics of specific buildings, their geographical position and the climatic features of the area will require the correction of mathematical operations, however, for the purpose of comparing the costs of heating the house using different energy carriers, this does not matter.

The price of use of firewood for solid fuel boiler

It is quite difficult to calculate the price of firewood since it depends on many factors:

  1. region of residence;
  2. the wood of wood;
  3. the moisture of firewood;
  4. type of supply (chopped or round);
  5. delivery cost.

The average price for chopped firewood has 2 thousand rubles/cube. The average indicator of their mass is 650 kg, and the cost – is 3.08 rubles.per kilogram. Production of heat in the amount of 1 kW*h requires a consumption of 0.4 kg of energy for each hour, the price forms 1.24 rubles. For the year, thus, for the production of 25200 kWh*h, you will need to spend 31248 rubles.

The price of coal used for solid fuel boiler

The price for 1000 g of coal is determined depending on the indicators of its properties, on average it has 2 rubles. To produce heat in the amount of 1 kWh*h, 200 g of brown coal is needed, and financial expenses for it will require amounts of 0.4 rubles.

The development of the number of heat required per year for heating the construction of the specified area (25200 kW*h) will cost at least 10080 rubles.

The price of use of diesel fuel for the operation of the boiler on liquid fuel

To purchase 1 l of diesel fuel, it is required to incur expenses in the amount of 29 rubles, this volume is enough for the production of 10 kW*h heat (the exact calculation will depend on the productivity of the equipment).

Thus, the price of 1 kW/hour will be 2.90 rubles, when this value is multiplied by the indicator necessary per year of power (25200 kW*h), it turns out that for 12 months the amount of 73080 rubles will be spent.

The price of heat production through a boiler using trunk gas

The price per cubic meter of the main gas in the regions of Russia has 5.46 rubles. Heat production in the amount of 1 kW*h requires spent about 0.1 cubic meters.m of energy and, accordingly, costs in the amount of 0.55 rubles.

Considering that in the year it will be necessary to produce 25200 kWh, the use of a gas boiler for heating the room will cost 13860 rubles.

The price of heat production through a boiler using liquefied gas

Compare and reduce heating costs

Installations for heat generation require a consumption of 100 g of a liquefied product for energy to produce an amount of 1 kWh at a price per kilogram of energy carrier at 22 rubles. The price of 1 kW in this situation ranges about 2.2 rubles.

For the production of 25200 kWh*h thermal energy per year, cash with a volume of 55440 rubles will be required.

The cost of heating by means of a boiler operating on electric energy

About 1.03 kWh of electric energy is consumed for heat production in the amount of 1 kWh.Its cost when calculating 2.24 rubles. For 1 kWh, it will be approximately 2.31 rubles.

To obtain the volume of thermal energy required for heating the building throughout the year, namely 25200 kWh, it will require an amount of 58212 rubles.

The cost of heat production through a solar air collector

The sun is a source of free energy, so the cost of its payment is not taken into account in the calculations. It is important to design what percentage of heat required for heating the building and received from traditional energy carriers can be replaced.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to average this indicator for different regions of Russia: in areas with a sufficient number of sunlights arriving on the surface, it can reach 100%, and in an area with insufficient insolation will be limited to 30%.In any of these situations using specialized equipment, we reduce heating costs and achieve significant savings in financial resources.

The payback period of solar air collectors produced by Solar Fox is on average from 12 to 36 months due to the reduction of costs.

Comparison of expenses for the installation of engineering heating systems

The alleged cost of assembling the usual heating products for housing consists of the following positions:

Compare and reduce heating costs
  • design and installation of internal and external networks;
  • the price of a boiler with a strapping;
  • installation and connection of the boiler and other devices for heating;
  • The price of pipes and fittings;
  • Assembly of wiring and devices for heating from the inside of the rooms.

To arrange an electric boiler in a room with a total area of about 100 square meters.m financial costs will amount to approximately 135 thousand rubles, a solid fuel boiler will cost 280 thousand rubles, and gas – about 375 thousand rubles. In some cases, especially for installing or replacing devices for gas heating, the permission of a specialized control organization will be needed.

A decrease in heating costs by using a solar manifold is tangible at the stage of purchase and assembly of devices. For an estimated area of 100 square meters.m will need the SF4-VC model worth 42205 rubles, and the price of additional equipment to it (a set of mounting on the roof and exhaust unit) is 16152 rubles. Installation is carried out by SOLAR FOX specialists.

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