Cottage heating

Cottage heating

Heating of the cottage provides comfortable living conditions: temperatures above +20 degrees, dry warm rooms. Without heating, the building begins to collapse. Types of autonomous heating of the cottage:

  • gas;
  • electrical;
  • water;
  • sunny.

Heating in the cottage with gas

The gas heating system of the cottage is used if there is a gas pipeline nearby or it is possible to purchase gas cylinders. Heating the cottage requires the cost of paying bills, which increase in the autumn-winter period. If gas heating was not planned during the construction of the building, a permit will be required for it.
Do not leave the boiler unattended – a gas leak can cause an explosion.

Heating with electricity

Electric heating boilers are installed on the floor or wall. They consist of a heating element, a heat exchanger and a control unit. The system is not protected from breakdown due to power surges, it requires expenses to ensure uninterrupted operation (electricity costs). A short circuit may cause a fire.

Water heating

The water heating system of the cottage is based on the use of a boiler. It is associated with solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas or electrical equipment. To create a fully autonomous heating of the cottage, two or three heat generators are mounted.
If a cottage heating system with natural circulation of the coolant is used, the calculations necessary for laying pipelines must be made as correctly and accurately as possible, otherwise the efficiency of the system is reduced.

Water heating

Solar heating of the cottage

Modern solar heating of the cottage is based on air circulation through the inlet and outlet valves. The heated air enters through the inlet valve, and the exhaust air is discharged through the outlet valve. The system is powered by solar energy.

Advantages of solar heating

Modern heating of a cottage with the help of solar energy is a common phenomenon in Europe. In Russia, it is also one of the most popular economical options for heating a cottage, which is used from Krasnodar to Vladivostok in autumn and winter, summer and spring. The system does not require operating costs, is safe and protected from damage due to power surges. Heating a cottage with solar-powered equipment is easy to implement: the installation of appliances is not laborious or expensive.

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