Efficient elimination of high humidity in plant nurseries

For normal growth, flowering and fruit formation of greenhouse crops, it is important to create suitable microclimatic conditions. These include: a certain temperature, insolation level, air circulation and humidity in the plant nursery. The optimal norms of these indicators depend on the type of crop grown, the climatic zone, the season, weather conditions, the age and stage of development of the representatives of the flora.

plant nurseries

For example, humidity in a plant nursery should be between 60% and 90% – this allows you to influence the rate of development of fruits and seeds. But with such parameters, there is a risk of condensation in the morning and evening hours. And this results in:

  • Weakening of plants.
  • The risk of fungal diseases.
  • Deadening and falling of leaves, death of flowers.
  • Slow down normal development.
  • Moldy soil.
  • Decay of the root system.

Therefore, when designing a plant nursery, it is required to select equipment that would allow regulating humidity, maintaining its value at a high level, but at the same time effectively preventing condensation.

How to eliminate dampness in a plant nursery?

These goals can be achieved by installing ventilation equipment that maintains a constant or periodic circulation of warm air. Heated air masses eliminate the risk of drafts, do not violate the temperature regime and at the same time effectively cope with condensate. High humidity in the plant nursery no longer threatens yields!
Therefore, farms purchase and install thermal fans or solar air collectors. They work on the same principle: they heat the air and supply it to the nursery, maintaining circulation. But if thermal fans need to be connected to the mains, then air collectors work using solar energy, which is their key advantage.
Collectors allow you to automate work processes, do not require human control, do not cause risks of a short circuit. This is an environmentally friendly solution, which is an additional advantage when equipping greenhouses.

Get rid of excess moisture cheaply

The installation of solar appliances allows you to refuse to increase the load on the power grid and increase electricity consumption. Maintenance of the nursery becomes economical, the cost structure of the farm or agricultural complex is optimized.
High humidity in the nursery no longer causes condensation: the crops are protected from the risk of disease or rot. Successful use cases: farms in Europe and China.

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