Greenhouse heating

Heating a greenhouse allows you to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flower seedlings all year round. When creating a greenhouse heating system, a number of factors are taken into account:

  • type of heating: water, air, electric, solar;
  • energy cost;
  • advantages and disadvantages of the selected equipment.

Let’s dwell on these issues in more detail.

Types of heating systems

Greenhouse heating

The principle of operation of the greenhouse water heating system is known: the boiler heats water, which circulates through the pipeline and gives off heat through radiators. Water heating is suitable for heating greenhouses and greenhouses of any size, but is rarely used due to significant drawbacks:

  • complex design;
  • expensive execution – you need to purchase a boiler and radiators, lay pipes;
  • when connecting the greenhouse to the heating of the house – a drop in the power of the entire system.

Water heating is inefficient and due to slow heating, it reacts slowly to changing weather conditions. These shortcomings are deprived of electric heating of the greenhouse in winter.

Several electric heaters are installed in the greenhouse. The initial costs are not high: only for the purchase of equipment, no complex design calculations are required. But electricity remains one of the most expensive types of energy carriers, so an electric winter greenhouse with heating can hardly be called an economical solution.

Air heating a greenhouse in winter is the best option. For its arrangement, engineering calculations are not required, it is enough just to purchase equipment of the required power. The devices heat the air and send it to the greenhouses, where it circulates and gives off heat to the walls, floor, and soil. The room quickly warms up and cools down quickly when the heating is turned off, which allows you to be sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Air heating equipment operates on various energy sources. The most expensive option is electricity, more affordable is diesel and gas. But even more attractive are devices powered by free solar energy.

Solar greenhouse heating: efficient and inexpensive

For “solar” heating of a greenhouse in winter, air collectors are purchased. The cost of equipment is comparable to the prices of conventional electric heaters. Installation of collectors is simple: the device is installed on a wall or roof, and is immediately ready for use. No cabling or power connection required.

When sunlight hits the collector, it turns on and heats the air. Then warm air masses are fed into the greenhouse and heated to the desired temperature. Advantages of a solar heating system in a greenhouse:

Easy to install and operate.

  1. Autonomy – heating does not depend on electricity or fuel supplies.
  2. Low purchase and installation cost.
  3. Long service life.
  4. Economic feasibility through the use of a free and affordable energy carrier – solar energy.

Solar greenhouse heating is successfully used in Russia both in the southern and northern regions.

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