Guest house heating

Guest house heating

The heating of the guest house provides comfortable conditions for the stay of guests. The heating options of the guest house are different.
The independent heating system of the guest house means that all elements of the heating system are located inside the house. Therefore, heating does not depend on heat supply organizations.
The organization of permanent heating is justified if people live in the guest house all year round. If the guest house accepts guests exclusively seasonally, you can get by installing high-quality ventilation and using temporary heating for heating. This will save money.

Heating a guest house: ways

The gas heating system of the guest house.

It is required to bring an energy carrier or install a gas cylinder. The second option is more profitable: using gas for heating is cheaper than using electricity, but only if there is a gas pipeline nearby.

Option to heat the guest house with electricity.

Electric heating at home is used if there is a permanent connection to power lines. Disadvantages of this system: financial cost, limited availability, the danger of fires, short circuits, and heating failure due to voltage drop in the network.

Water method of heating the guest house.

The main element of the system is a solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas, or electric boiler. Install 2 or more heat generators and implement an automatic switching system between them in case one of the fuel types runs out. The system is effective if, at the stage of design and implementation, the indicators were calculated absolutely correctly.

These methods of heating are popular but differ either in the complexity of installation or in high operating costs.

Heating with solar energy is the fourth way to heat guest houses.

Heating with solar energy is the fourth way to heat guest houses.

Heating a guest house with devices powered by sunlight – solar collectors – is common in Europe, the USA, Russia, and Asia.
The device is installed on the roof or wall of a building, when sunlight hits it, it begins to heat up and pump warm air into the room.

Reasons for the popularity of solar heaters for guest houses:

  • work autonomously, without constant supervision;
  • save money – solar energy is free;
  • safe – there will be no fire due to short circuits, or gas leakage;
  • are used even in remote areas of the country, where there are no electricity and gas pipelines.

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