Hangar ventilation

The hangar is a prefabricated building. The hangar is used to accommodate warehouse and office space, industries, storage facilities, car services and parking lots. Ventilation in the hangar provides conditions that meet sanitary and technological standards of humidity, temperature and air exchange.

Hangar ventilation types

Hangar ventilation

Hangar natural ventilation systemprovides ventilation and air exchange due to the pressure difference between the internal and external air flows. No additional equipment is required for natural ventilation of the hangar. But the disadvantage is that it depends on wind speed and air temperature. Therefore, it is impossible to control air exchange, humidity in the hangar with natural ventilation.
Forced ventilation system of the hangarimplemented according to the intended purpose of the structure:

  • supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation with cleaning filters;
  • supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation with automated control of such indicators as humidity and air temperature;
  • exhaust ventilation;
  • climate control system.

Electricity is used to provide forced ventilation of the hangar. Thanks to the operation of the equipment, proper ventilation is ensured in the hangar, regardless of the time of year and weather, but there are fixed costs for electricity.

Hangar ventilation rates

Hangar ventilation

Proper ventilation in the hangar is regulated by sanitary rules:

  • for ventilation of premises, systems are provided that prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odors and accumulations of harmful emissions from production;
  • the concentration of harmful substances in the incoming air should not exceed 30% of the maximum allowable concentration;
  • in the northern zones, at the gates and doors of industrial buildings, air-thermal curtains should be provided; for the time of opening the doors, the air temperature in the room should not fall below 12 ° C.

Hangar ventilation: economical and reliable way

In order to meet the ventilation standards in the hangar, it is not necessary to bear the cost of electricity.
Solar-powered appliances only require a one-time purchase and installation cost. Solar energy is available in winter, spring, autumn and summer from Kamchatka to Sochi.
Hangar ventilation with solar energy storage equipment is popular in Europe, also due to the safety of the devices and their sustainability. Solar collectors do not depend on the mains, do not cause short circuits and voltage drops.

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