Heating in the garage

Heating in the garage

Garage heating provides the right storage conditions for the vehicle, tools and appliances. The task of heating the garage is to maintain the air temperature from +5 degrees Celsius in accordance with building codes and regulations (SNIP).
If there is no heating system, then:

  • in the winter season (and late autumn) the room freezes;
  • frost forms, and after warming, condensate, humidity increases;
  • the structure, vehicle, tools rust, deform.

The heating system can be:

  • common with the building, if the garage is part of another building – a cottage, a house, a bathhouse;
  • separate, if the garage is a separate building.

As a rule, with common heating in the garage, a positive, comfortable temperature for a person is maintained and additional heating is not required. If the garage is separate, the situation is different.

Garage heating methods

Garage heating works:

  1. with the help of gas;
  2. on electricity;
  3. solid fuel (wood, coal);
  4. on solar or wind energy.

In 2016, wood and coal burning in stoves are not in demand. In the garages of Russians, there are gas boilers or burners, various electric heaters or solar collectors. The share of the latter has been growing since 2013. This is due to the disadvantages of the usual methods of heating a private garage:

  • Gas burners, coal and firewood during combustion emit carbon monoxide gases, which at a concentration of 0.08% are already dangerous to human life and health. Especially in the garage, where they warm up the car engine.
  • Electrical appliances depend on the availability of the mains. They can fail in the event of a voltage drop, and a short circuit causes a fire.
  • Garage heating methods – electric, and gas – do not work autonomously, they need power lines and gas pipelines.

Solar garage heating does not have these limitations.

Heating in the garage with solar energy

Heating in the garage with solar energy

In Europe, solar energy has been used everywhere since the 2000s: the roofs of private houses and garages are equipped with solar collectors that heat the premises.
In Russia, similar equipment for heating has already been developed and is being sold – this air solar collector.
Benefits of Solar Energy for Garage Heating:

  • works autonomously – no need to connect to the mains;
  • works for free – no need to pay bills for gas, electricity, no need to buy firewood or coal;
  • safe – do not emit combustion products, is not subject to short circuits and fire;
  • warms the air from -10 degrees to +5 degrees in two hours (depending on the capacity of the collector and the area of ​​​​the room).

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