Heating in the hangar

Heating in the hangar

The hangar is a multifunctional building. It houses offices, it is used for a warehouse, car services, and parking lots. Hangar heating is necessary to maintain a positive temperature, protect against condensation, and create comfortable working conditions. The choice of the hangar heating system is influenced by:

  • installation budget;
  • financial opportunities to ensure the operation of the hangar heating system;
  • fire hazard level of heating;
  • hangar area.

Hangar heating: types of systems


  1. liquid heating– central heating, in which water acts as a heat carrier. For a hangar, such heating will be expensive: design and installation of the system, constant maintenance. In addition, with a hangar size of more than 30 m2, heat losses increase greatly. Fire hazard – low;
  2. gas heating– gas boiler, burners. Available only if there is a gas pipeline near the hangar or if there are funds for the purchase of gas cylinders. Fire hazard – high;
  3. electric heating— heaters, heat guns, “heat-insulated floors”. Ease of installation varies by instrument, but high maintenance costs remain;
  4. solar heating hangar– the systems work autonomously, do not require connection to the mains. The coolant is air. The collector turns on when the sun’s rays hit it, they make the fans work, warm the air. Fire risk is low.

Inexpensive hangar heating

Heating the hangar with the sun requires only the purchase and installation of equipment. The method of heating reduces bills from energy companies or eliminates the need for their services. How? Solar collectors work only on solar energy, and it is free, moreover, it is available where there are no power lines or gas pipelines.
Installs the heater on the south wall of the building and works in winter, summer, autumn and spring.

  • the equipment is safe – voltage drops and short circuits in the electrical network will not occur, and combustion products are not emitted;
  • simple installation – carried out by one person, independently;
  • availability – solar collectors do not need to be assembled by hand, they are on sale for an area of ​​​​25 m2 – 150 m2.

Heating a hangar using solar energy is a common practice in Russia and Europe.

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