Air solar collector for hangar

Air solar collector for the hangar – equipment for heating and ventilation, which operates in solar energy.In the process, he does not consume paid energy resources, does not create a load on the mains.He completely copes with his functions: supports temperature and humidity indicators in the room and sets a healthy microclimate.
The solar collector for the hangar is mounted on the wall or roof so that nothing prevents the sunlight.The equipment turns on automatically, takes out street air, prepares it (heating and drains), and then, using the fan, supplies to the room.To maintain constant air circulation in the hangars of a large area, it is recommended to install several air solar collectors.
Devices are divided into two types:

  • ventilation,
  • Heating.

Each line represent several models that differ in power, dimensions and costs.

Air solar manifold for heating the hangar

Air solar collector for hangar

Depending on their purpose, the hangars are divided into heated and unheated.But even in unheated hangars, a temperature drop below 3 … 5ºS in the winter is not allowed.Otherwise, the room freezes: ice is formed on the walls, which negatively affects the structural characteristics of building materials.Microcracks appear in their structure, the strength is reduced, the service life of the hangar is significantly reduced.
Therefore, engineers recommend installing heating equipment in hangars of any type.Air solar collectors for the heating of the hangar are the best option.The equipment maintains a positive temperature inside the hangar in the cold season, and at the same time his work does not entail financial costs.
The tasks solved by the solar collector when heating the hangar:

  • maintaining a positive temperature in the room throughout the autumn-winter period;
  • creating optimal conditions for working in the hangar and storing products in it;
  • Prevention of freezing of the premises and related destruction.

The creation of heating with the help of air solar collectors does not require complex design work, changes in the wiring of existing engineering communications or expensive debugging.Installation takes a minimum of time, which is another advantage of choosing solar energy devices.

Air solar collectors for hangar ventilation

Solar collectors are also used to create ventilation in hangars.The construction of the hangars does not provide for a sufficient number of natural gaps, which leads to a rapid stagnation of air masses.Carbon dioxide accumulates in the hangar, humidity increases, conditions are created favorable for mold growth.

Air solar collector for hangar

The resulting condensate causes corrosion of metal floors.An unpleasant odor is established in the hangar, which is eaten into the goods stored in it and makes them unsuitable for further sale.Another consequence of insufficient ventilation is the reproduction of insects and rodents that damage wiring, wrapper, packaging materials, warehouse equipment, and cargo.
The economical creation of hangars ventilation is possible due to air solar collectors.They are turned on every time sunlight enters them, and create a traction necessary for air circulation.As a result:

  1. a constant influx of fresh warm air is ensured;
  2. Carbon dioxide is removed in a timely manner, plug is eliminated;
  3. not formed stagnant zones;
  4. A healthy microclimate is installed and maintained in the hangar;
  5. Economic risks associated with insufficient ventilation of the room are prevented.

Advantages of using solar collectors

Using air solar collectors, it is easy to create ventilation and heating of the hangar working according to the standards of GOST and SNiP.Additional advantages of devices:
Fire safety: do not require connection to the mains and do not create an additional load on the network;
Economic: in the process of work they do not consume any paid energy resources;
The ability to select solutions for the hangar of any area.
Air solar collector for the hangar is a modern way to create economical heating and ventilation systems.

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