High humidity in the sauna

At the design stage, you need to ask yourself: what humidity should be in the sauna? The answer depends on what kind of sauna or bath you want to use. At a temperature of 90–100°C, the normal relative humidity in a dry sauna is 5–10%. In a Russian hot bath (moist sauna), a temperature of 75–90°C corresponds to a humidity of 20–35%. In a Russian classical bath (steam sauna) at a temperature of 45–65°C, the humidity indicators are nominally about the same as the temperature values ​​of 40–65%. The humidity in the sauna should not be too high, otherwise, the following problems may occur:

  • the depressed state of a person, feeling unwell (due to the severity of the steam);
  • the appearance of condensate and mold on the walls, floor, and ceiling of the structure due to excess moisture not being brought out;
  • deformation of wooden structures, rotting wood.
High humidity in the sauna

How to avoid high humidity

So, you know what humidity should be in the sauna. But what needs to be done to maintain optimal parameters, and how to reduce the humidity in the sauna? The solution is proper ventilation. Natural ventilation is not enough to maintain humidity standards and protect your health and the condition of the structure.
You can apply forced ventilation. It is usually based on the use of mechanical fans powered by the mains. The system is efficient, but it costs electricity bills.

How to Reduce Sauna Humidity with Solar Power

The Russian and foreign markets offer devices powered by solar energy. Solar dehumidification of the sauna is popular abroad and in our country, as it allows you to effectively deal with high humidity, without requiring the cost of operating the system. Collectors are able to accumulate free and inexhaustible energy of sunlight and control the humidity in the sauna, regardless of the region and climate.

Protect your sauna from high humidity

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