How to make heating a private house efficient and inexpensive?

Even thoughtful heating of a private house does not always cope with the heating of living rooms and utility rooms. On cold winter days, the temperature drops below 20ºS … 25ºS comfortable for a person, the rooms get cold, and it is unpleasant to be in them.
Property owners face insufficient heating of a private house for a number of reasons:

  • violation of thermal insulation in a particular room;
  • insufficient operation of the central heating system – its power is not enough to fully heat the entire building;
  • low thermal efficiency of the house: the presence of a large number of cracks through which heat escapes.

Often the cause of insufficient heating is ill-conceived wiring of heating pipes. In rooms located at the maximum distance from the boiler, the coolant enters last, and its temperature is not enough for a full heat exchange. The question arises of heating individual rooms in a private house.

How to create an inexpensive heating of a private house?

How to make heating a private house efficient and inexpensive?

If on cold days the temperature in some rooms falls below the desired minimum, there are several ways to solve this problem. The first is to increase the power of the main heating system. For example, install a more powerful boiler, add sections of radiators or change the wiring of heat pipes.

This requires serious time and financial costs from the owner: a new engineering communications plan is being created, if the pipes pass under the floor, a full-scale repair will have to be started. Powerful boilers consume more resources – heating costs will increase. This option can hardly be called economical.

The second option is to purchase local heaters. They turn on only when necessary, do not affect the operation of the central heating, with their help it is easy to maintain the desired temperature in the rooms. These can be oil or infrared heaters. The cost of the equipment is low, but their work has its drawbacks: you have to wait a long time until even a small room warms up. For spacious rooms, the operation of local heaters is inefficient – heat is not distributed evenly. In addition, most household appliances run on electricity, the consumption of the most expensive energy resource is increasing.

Another solution for alternative heating of a private house is the use of heat guns. They are devoid of the disadvantages of oil heaters: they quickly raise the temperature in the room and maintain the circulation of warm air in it, so the room warms up evenly. But the power consumption is even higher, and if the gun runs on liquid fuel, it is necessary to provide for the removal of exhaust harmful to humans and the environment.

In search of an option on how to heat a house cheaply, owners of suburban real estate are paying attention to appliances that run on renewable energy sources. For example, solar collectors. This is the most economical way, since such a device does not consume electricity, liquid or solid fuel, that is, it works for free. At the same time, it copes well with its task and is suitable for heating individual rooms in the house.

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The operation of a solar collector resembles the scheme of operation of heat guns, with the only difference being that the air is heated not with the help of heating elements, but due to the energy of the sun’s rays. Heated air masses are fed into the room by a fan. A comfortable temperature is quickly established in the room.
Solar heater of a private house:

  • heats a separate room or floor;
  • works independently of central heating;
  • does not require connection to the mains;
  • does not consume electricity, liquid or solid fuel;
  • does not pose a fire hazard;
  • safe for humans and the environment.

Among the advantages of such devices are also their low cost, comparable to the purchase of electrical equipment, and ease of installation. Another advantage is that their work does not need to be controlled, the collectors maintain a positive temperature in the house even during the absence of the owners.
Additional heating of a private house using solar energy is a progressive option used in the USA, Canada, European countries, and now in Russia.

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