Humidity in a private house

Humidity in a private house should correspond to the norm (45-60%). If the norm is violated, and there is increased humidity in a private house, the following unpleasant consequences arise:

Humidity in a private house
  • deterioration of the microclimate;
  • damage to buildings and property;
  • condensation and mold on the walls and ceiling.

The deterioration of the microclimate of a dwelling inevitably leads to the fact that the well-being of people and animals deteriorates, plants get sick and die. If the structure is wooden, with increased humidity, the tree begins to deform and rot. The same applies to interior items, furniture, etc. located indoors. Metal objects get rusty.

Mold, which can form due to fungi actively multiplying in excess moisture, causes not only unpleasant odors, a feeling of dirt and dampness, but is also one of the causes of allergies and other diseases.

How to remove humidity in a private house

If there is such a task as getting rid of humidity in a frequent house, then the ventilation is not working properly. Often natural ventilation (opening and closing windows) is not enough to protect against high humidity in a private house, especially in the bathroom, kitchen and adjacent areas. Therefore forced ventilation is preferable.
Forced ventilation is usually based on the operation of mechanical fans that require connection to the mains: hoods, fans. Their use is limited by the budget (the cost of electricity is constantly growing) and the location of the house – where there is no power line, electrical ventilation is impossible.

How to reduce humidity in a private house and save money?

Foreign and Russian markets offer ventilation equipment powered by solar energy. Fresh air is supplied into the room through the inlet valve, exhaust air and excess moisture are removed through the outlet valve. Thus, the problem of high humidity in a private house is eliminated.

Solar collectors do not require operating costs, since solar energy is free and available to everyone in any region of the country. The sun’s rays can accumulate in winter, summer, autumn and spring. The equipment does not require complex installation, so high humidity in a private house is eliminated easily and in a short time. The equipment itself is safe, as it does not depend on the mains and possible voltage drops. With the help of solar appliances, the humidity in a private house will be controlled, and the cost of paying electricity bills will not increase.

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