Humidity in the country

Humidity in the country should be within the limits that ensure a comfortable stay of people in the house, maintaining a healthy microclimate, the normal state of furnishings: tables, sofas, cabinets, appliances. It must be remembered that high humidity in the country, among other things, worsens the state of the structure: walls and ceilings are destroyed. The normal moisture content in the air is 45–60% – with such humidity, fresh air reigns in the house, a pleasant microclimate, when you arrive at the dacha, you do not need to put it in order.
But where does excess moisture come from, how to deal with it and protect property from destruction?

The source of high humidity in the country and its elimination

Humidity in the country

Determine what is the root cause of dampness of floors, walls, furniture.

  1. Insufficient ventilation.
  2. Poor insulation against rain and snow.
  3. The proximity of groundwater to the structure.
  4. Faulty water supply and heating systems.

For each of these sources, there is a solution. We will focus on the most common ones – insufficient ventilation, incorrect operation of the heating system.

The source of high humidity in the country and its elimination

Natural ventilation is used in 87% of country houses. And it is not enough to protect the cottage from moisture. Why?

  1. Manual control – open and close doors, windows – is hampered by the fact that the owner cannot be in the country all the time.
  2. Air exchange is not possible if the temperature in the street and in the room is approximately the same.
  3. Enhanced protection against drafts, the absence of air ducts makes air exchange impossible – air masses oversaturated with moisture stagnate.

High humidity, as mentioned above, also occurs due to insufficient heating in winter and autumn. To correct the situation, install:

  • gas central or local heating;
  • general or local electrical heating;
  • solar heaters.

The first two types of cottage protection from dampness successfully cope with the task, but they have a number of disadvantages that solar heaters do not have.

How to save a cottage from high humidity and save money

Solar heaters and dehumidifiers for dachas and residential country houses are a common practice in the US and Europe. In Russia, the use of these devices has gained mass popularity not so long ago. The reason was the entry into the market of a device designed for the needs of ordinary people – owners of summer cottages, private seasonal residences.

What is the peculiarity of solar heaters, what disadvantages do they have?

  • firstly, they are installed in any dachas – the collectors work both in tandem with the main heating or ventilation, and independently;
  • Secondly,the device for protecting the cottage from moisture is not tied to the electrical network or the presence of gas pipelines, it works where the sun shines;
  • the third reason is a consequence of the second, consuming free energy,solar collectoractually worksfor free;
  • fourthly, autonomy – the equipment is equipped with thermostats and hygrometers and independently regulates temperature and humidity, even when the cottage is empty;
  • the fifth reasonsecurity– failure of the wiring or gas burner will, at best, lead to a short circuit and breakage of the device. The solar collector works only on solar energy and will not cause any short circuits or fires.

Humidity in the country is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The solar dehumidifier, heating the air and filling the premises with it, protects against it in winter, autumn, summer and spring. Works practically in any region of Russia and the CIS.

Protect the cottage from moisture and dampness

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