Mold in the attic

Where is the mold in the attic?

Mold in the attic is formed due to the multiplication of dangerous fungi. A favorable environment for the rapid reproduction of these fungi is an atmosphere with high humidity. When excess moisture is not removed from the room, dampness occurs and, accordingly, mold forms. How to prevent the appearance of mold in the attic and what to do if it occurs? The solution to the problem will be proper ventilation of the attic.

Mold damage

Mold in the attic

The attic is a living space. So, it is important to understand what harm the problem can cause not only to property but also to health.
The consequences of mold formation:

  • the microclimate in the room as a whole deteriorates;
  • a threat to the condition of objects located in the attic (corrosion of metal appliances, rotting of wood);
  • reduction of the service life of the structure;
  • impact on human health (mold can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, exhaustion).

How to remove mold from the attic?

Where is the mold in the attic, of course. Proper ventilation will protect against excessive moisture.
Natural ventilation is often not enough to keep the mold problem from bothering the occupants. It is recommended to organize additional forced ventilation using electric fans or solar collectors.
Fans consume electricity, which leads to an increase in electricity costs. The system is susceptible to failure due to power surges. In addition to the fans themselves, the installation of control devices is necessary.

How to remove mold in the attic without additional costs

So, mold has formed in the attic, what should I do? You can solve the problem that has already arisen at an early stage on your own by using special cleaning and protective agents. At a later stage, you will need the help of specialists or the replacement of a wooden floor. But how do you prevent mold growth and at the same time implement a ventilation system that does not increase your monthly expenses? Answer: use solar energy.
Ventilation with solar-powered appliances does not require operating costs, since the sun’s rays are publicly available and free. They can be accumulated by devices in all regions of the country at any time of the year. Such equipment is actively used not only in Russia, but also abroad (Europe, Canada, USA, Asia). Installation of collectors is easy and will allow you to solve such a problem as mold in the attic once and for all.

Get rid of mold in the attic

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