Mold in the pool

Subject to sanitary and hygienic standards and good work of engineering communications, mold does not appear in the pool. If the fungus began to grow on the walls of the pool, around the drain holes, hit the pipeline, the reasons are as follows:

  1. Insufficient ventilation: the accumulation of moist warm air in the room.
  2. Violation of waterproofing and drainage: water is constantly retained near the drains.
  3. Freezing of the room in the cold season.

Having understood where the mold came from in the pool room, you can choose effective methods to combat the fungus.

Why is mold dangerous?

Why is mold dangerous?

The appearance of mold colonies should not be condoned. If the colony grows in a large public pool, the main threat becomes a violation of the sanitary and hygienic standards for maintaining the facility. There is a risk to the health of swimmers, controlling authorities can simply close the entire sports complex until the problem is fixed.
Mold is no less of a hassle in a private pool. In addition to a threat to human well-being (the fungus produces dangerous toxins and allergens), it:

  • Accelerates the corrosion of metals: drains, pipes, lamps, supporting structures begin to rust and fail.
  • Spoils water indicators: it becomes cloudy, an unpleasant odor appears.
  • Causes rotting of wood: if wood paneling was used in the decoration, it will have to be completely changed.

The appearance of fungus and mold in the pool significantly reduces the life of the facility, leads to the need to replace utilities and finishes. These are serious financial and time costs, which can be avoided if ventilation and heating that comply with building codes are foreseen in advance.

How to get rid of mold colonies?

To remove the fungus in the pool, you must:

  1. Mechanically eliminate colonies using special scrapers and brushes. Metal and wooden surfaces are cleaned as deep as possible in order to completely destroy the mycelium.
  2. Treat all surfaces with disinfectants.

But the main thing is to eliminate the causes of the appearance of mold colonies. The following methods are used for this:

  • Increasing the capacity of the existing ventilation and heating of the pool.
  • Installation of electric dehumidifiers (fan heaters).
  • Use of solar collectors.

Let’s compare the characteristics of all options.

Mapped ParameterCentralized ventilation/heatingelectrical equipmentSolar collectors
Covered areaWhole buildingUp to 150m2 or moreUp to 150m2
Installation costhighLowLow
Difficulty of installationHigh: preliminary calculations are required, preparation of project documentation and estimates, complete re-equipment of the existing systemMedium: depends on the specific modelLow: no professional skills or specialized tools required
Start-up costsHigh: requires the involvement of specialists, the process takes a long timeMedium: determined by the features of the modelLow: immediately after installation, the device is ready for use
Costs in the course of workHigh: electricity, gaseous and solid fuels are constantly consumedHigh: electricity, gaseous and solid fuels are constantly consumedZero: the device runs on free solar energy
Autonomy and possibility of decentralized installationThe system is completely dependent on the object, it is impossible to set individual parameters only for the poolCan be installed in a separate roomWorks only in the pool, does not affect other rooms
Application SpecificsMainly used only in large sports complexes that can cover the high costs of installation and maintenanceSuitable for both public and private pools.Suitable for both public and private pools.

The cheapest way to protect pools from mold forever

When comparing the characteristics of individual protection methods, it is clear that the most economical and affordable option is the choice of equipment powered by solar energy. Its additional advantage is that it solves a complex of tasks at once:

Provides normal air exchange.

  • Maintains the specified temperature and humidity standards in the pool.
  • Protects against freezing during the cold season.
  • Creates a healthy microclimate, not suitable for the development of the fungus.

Mold will not appear in the pool, and its owner will not need any serious time or financial costs to protect the premises from colonies.

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