Organization of garage ventilation

Improper ventilation of the garage forms a number of negative factors affecting both the room and the car, tools, and other things stored in it. Lack of air exchange creates:
toxic, unhealthy environment. This affects the state of human health, leading at best to mild dizziness, at worst to fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.
increased dampness, which destroys the electrics of the car and the wiring of the garage, metal body elements, and tools. Excess moisture provokes the growth of colonies of fungus and mold, and rust.

Organization of garage ventilation

Ventilation of various types of garages

Comparing metal garages and combined garages, one can single out the main feature of space ventilation. A separate room will be enough natural ventilation, using hoods. Combined garages, especially with heating, require the use of forced ventilation to enhance air exchange.

Means of ventilation

  1. Natural ventilation. One of the inefficient, but budgetary ways. Indoor air circulation is carried out due to the temperature difference inside and outside the garage.
  2. Forced ventilation is the use of special equipment for the supply and exhaust of air. This method is more efficient but quite expensive. Not every owner will be able to afford the purchase of such devices.
  3. Combined ventilation system. The most common use of electric hoods or exhaust fans in conjunction with natural air circulation.

Clear savings with energy-efficient ventilation systems

The comfort of the owner, the safety of his life and health, and keeping the property safe and sound are the tasks that lie on the garage ventilation system. How to make it not only effective but also inexpensive?
In the West, especially in Germany and Italy, energy-saving equipment that runs on solar energy is actively used. In Russia, such ventilation devices appeared in 2015, and every year their popularity is growing:

  • work for free;
  • fireproof;
  • do not require permits for installation;
  • work in any corner of the country, even where there is no electricity.

Solar air collectors are designed for garages of various sizes. Ventilation is possible both for small rooms of 25 m2, and for large ones – over 100 m2.
Install structures on roofs or walls. The system does not require a connection to mains electricity, saves energy, and is quite easy to operate. How it works: the sun’s rays fall on the solar collector panel, the fans are put into operation, which pumps fresh air into the room, and the “exhausted” air is removed through the ventilation openings.

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