Prevention and disposal of mold in a sauna

If black dots or stains appear on the surfaces in the sauna room, then this is how mold manifests itself in the sauna.
Mold is a fungus, and what we see on the surface is the result of its vital activity. There are many varieties of fungus, but the most dangerous among molds are black.
It is difficult to get rid of it, it harms not only the walls of the room where it appeared, but also human health, provoking the development of diseases: eczema, and inflammation of the eyes. Causes allergic cough, and bronchial irritation. It is especially dangerous for babies and people with weakened immune systems. The fungus secretes spores that settle on the walls, and if you do not get rid of it, then it spreads throughout the room.

Where does mold come from in a sauna and what does it lead to?

Where does mold come from in the sauna? It is actively distributed in suitable conditions. Critical factors for favorable growth:
high level of humidity – in saunas and baths this figure is more than 60%;

  • room temperature. Low temperature promotes the development of fungal colonies – in the range from 4 to 20 degrees, they develop rapidly;
  • lack of air circulation, and improper ventilation – in combination with the two listed conditions, it creates a favorable environment for the appearance of black spots.
Prevention and disposal of mold

What happens if you don’t fight mold?

If you do not take action, the fungus will affect all surfaces in the room. An unpleasant odor will appear, the coatings will gradually begin to collapse, as, multiplying, the fungus releases waste products that destroy the wood. In addition to the fact that it will be unpleasant to be in such a sauna because of its appearance, being in it will become dangerous for health. Scientists have proven that mold can cause the most dangerous diseases in humans, such as oncology.

Prevention and disposal of mold

Like a disease, sauna fungus is easier to prevent than to fight. How to remove mold in a sauna? To get rid of existing stains, you will need to treat the room with chemicals:

  • chlorine bleach;
  • acetic acid;
  • citric acid;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

But the best remedy is prevention. What kind of sauna mold protection is effective?

There are a number of preventive measures:

  • avoid sudden temperature changes that contribute to the condensate formation in the room. The sauna must be reliably insulated and waterproofed;
  • regular cleaning of the steam room;
  • create proper ventilation.

It is cost-effective to use solar energy to provide ventilation. Then ventilation will not depend on electricity. The solar air collector can be left on – since there is no electricity in the operation of the device, there is no danger of a short circuit and fire.

Solar energy to protect and get rid of mold in the sauna

The solar collector copes with the problem of dehumidification and provides air circulation, performing the functions of ventilation in the sauna. This method of ventilation has long been used in the West. It is also used by Russian consumers.
The main advantage of the collector is its uninterrupted operation, the optimum level of humidity and the supply of fresh air are maintained in the room. Autonomy of work and simple installation, affordable cost, no breakdowns – solar energy eliminates such misfortunes as mold in the sauna.

Get rid of mold in sauna

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