Townhouse ventilation

A townhouse is a low-rise residential building with several multi-level apartments. Is ventilation necessary in a townhouse? In a residential building, stoves, irons, ovens, and other household appliances emit heat and dry the air, and there is a need for ventilation. The formation of moisture, odors, dust and carbon dioxide reduces the quality of life. Since a favorable microclimate is important for human well-being and for the safety of the building itself, the ventilation of the townhouse must be implemented.

Proper ventilation in a townhouse: norms

Townhouse ventilation

In order to determine whether the ventilation of a townhouse is of high quality, it is necessary to answer the question of whether the indicators meet the standards:

Too low or high air temperature worsens the state of health, and causes discomfort. And high humidity leads to the appearance of mold, condensation, and fungus, because of which the structure collapses. If the ventilation in the townhouse is correct, then the building lasts a long time, it is easy to breathe in it.

Townhouse ventilation systems

Natural ventilation does not require the installation of equipment. For air circulation open and close windows, doors, and vents.
Disadvantages of natural ventilation:

  • when opening a window, you ventilate one room, the ventilation standards of townhouses prescribe ventilating every room in the house;
  • if you open all the windows, the house will cool down in a short time, but in hot weather, the air will “stand” and not circulate;
  • when using the micro-ventilation mode, there is not enough fresh air;
  • manual ventilation control.

The forced ventilation system of a townhouse is divided into:

  1. supply;
  2. exhaust;
  3. Supply and exhaust.

Through the inflow channels, clean air from the street enters the room. Exhaust air is removed through the exhaust ducts. Forced ventilation is of high quality, but the necessary fans, filters, and control devices require professional installation and costs for their operation (payment of electricity bills). In addition, since the system depends on the mains, there is a risk of breakdown due to possible voltage surges.

Ventilation systems in a townhouse based on solar energy: an affordable solution

Ventilation in a townhouse can be arranged in such a way that the operating costs will be zero. Devices have been developed that accumulate and convert the free energy of the sun. A similar method is used in Europe, USA, Canada. In Russia, the equipment is also available for purchase. Solar collectors are used throughout Russia, installation does not require permits, and they work all year round.

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