Ventilation of a temporary residence

A temporary residence is a country cottage or guest house, which is used for a short stay in summer and spring. In the autumn-winter period, tools, inventory, and other things are stored in the building. Is ventilation necessary in a temporary residence?
In an unventilated room, the air dries and dust accumulates. If the humidity is high, then condensation appears, mold and fungus grow, unpleasant odors appear. Over time, this will destroy the inventory and the structure itself.
Ventilation of a temporary residence ensures the safety of property and the health of the owners.

Ventilation of a temporary residence

Proper ventilation in a temporary residence: norms

Ventilation of a temporary residence creates the following conditions:

  • air temperature 20-25°C during the stay in the house of people;
  • the air temperature is not lower than 12 ° C in cold weather, and when there are no people in the house;
  • constant relative humidity 45–60%.

Ventilation systems for temporary residences

Ventilation of a temporary residence

Natural ventilation is an easy way to ventilate. Air circulates through open windows and vents.
Disadvantages of the natural ventilation system of temporary residences:

  • does not work if the temperature difference between outside and inside is minimal;
  • manual ventilation control, for which you must be present on site.

An alternative to natural is proper forced ventilation in a temporary residence. To do this, install supply or exhaust (or both) ventilation ducts. Fresh air from outside enters through the inlets. The exhaust is expelled through the hoods. In addition, mechanical fans, filters and control devices are required for the operation of forced ventilation of the temporary hut. Such systems are powered by electricity or solar energy.
Disadvantages of electric ventilation in seasonal residences:

  • the threat of breakdown due to power surges, which cannot be tracked in a timely manner;
  • fixed electricity costs. Even if you are not in the house, there are bills;
  • installation according to the project for which you need to obtain permission;
  • can not be used where there is no power line.

Solar ventilation system

In Europe, the USA, Canada, solar-powered equipment is used for ventilation. Similar devices can be found on the Russian market. Solar energy is free and available in all parts of Russia, so you only need to pay once – for the purchase and installation of a collector, which will ensure high-quality and safe ventilation in a temporary residence at any time of the year.

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