What to do if there is mold in the bath

Subject to sanitary and hygienic standards, mold does not appear in the bath. If a black or gray fungal coating has formed on the walls, floor, plum, there may be several reasons:

  1. Construction of a structure from contaminated wood.
  2. Violation of the ventilation.
  3. Waterproofing problems.
  4. Freezing of the supporting structures of the bath in the cold season.

The appearance of black mold is especially unpleasant: it causes accelerated wood rot and quickly penetrates deep into the fibers. It is almost impossible to clean it off, you have to change the boards. If this is not done, the mold will “spread” from the cladding to the supporting structures, and the building will begin to collapse under its own weight.
White mold is no less dangerous, but it harms not so much the bath as the person, releasing toxic substances and allergen spores into the air, causing acute poisoning and chronic respiratory diseases.

Why is mold in bathrooms dangerous?

The fungus accelerates the destruction of any surface on which it appeared. Colony growth leads to the following problems:

  • Decay of cladding and supporting structures.
  • Decrease in the service life of the bath.
  • Violation of fire safety in case of mold damage to the insulation of the wiring, increased risk of a short circuit.
  • Destruction of drainage and sewer pipes.
  • The development of a pathogenic environment that is dangerous to human health.

If you do not remove the fungus from the bath room in time, soon the room will not be able to be used for its intended purpose, and an expensive reconstruction will be required.

How to remove mold in the bath?

To protect the bath from mold, the following scheme is used:

What to do if there is mold in the bath
  1. Identification and elimination of the causes that led to the development of the fungus.
  2. If the matter is in infected wood, it is replaced or cleaned and treated with an antiseptic. If the problem is in violation of the temperature and humidity conditions, the operation of ventilation is reviewed. Without finding out why the fungus appeared in the bath and eliminating the root cause, any measures to destroy the colony are temporary.
  3. mechanical cleaning.
    With the help of special scrapers, mold is removed from all surfaces. The tree must be cleaned as deep as possible, otherwise the decay will not stop.
  4. Chemical processing.
    After the destruction of mold colonies, all surfaces are covered with disinfectants. They penetrate deep into the wood fibers and do not allow the remnants of the mycelium to germinate again.

To rid the bath of mold colonies, it will take a lot of time, effort and financial costs. Therefore, it is recommended to provide for high-quality ventilation and seasonal heating of the facility even at the construction stage, and thereby eliminate the main causes of the appearance of the fungus: constant dampness and freezing of the supports.

How to protect the bath from mold inexpensively?

Choosing a method of protection against mold fungus, the owner is interested in minimizing costs. The solution must be effective, but at the same time safe from the point of view of fire safety, environmentally friendly, affordable.

In most European countries, baths and saunas use solar equipment: air collectors operating on the principle of a fan heater. They are mounted on a wall or roof and do not require an electrical connection. This speeds up the installation of equipment, simplifies the entire process, does not create additional stress on the power cable, and does not create the risk of short circuits and fire.

The device works autonomously without human control, forcing fresh warm air into the bath. If necessary (for example, during the use of the bath), the collector is forcibly switched off. Only solar energy is used to ensure air circulation and its preheating, no paid energy carrier is consumed.

With the help of a solar collector, the following problems are solved:

  1. The normal temperature and humidity conditions are restored.
  2. Eliminates excessive moisture.
  3. A positive temperature is maintained in the cold season (freeze protection).
  4. As a result, conditions are created that prevent the development of the fungus, and the bath is reliably protected from mold.

The use of solar collectors ensures minimal costs (the device works for free) and allows the owner to forget forever what mold is in a bath.

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