Why is pool ventilation necessary and how to do it?

The main tasks of pool ventilation are the comfort of bathers, the safety of property and the extension of the life of the building as a whole.
Stagnant air, high humidity, condensate – all this leads to an unpleasant smell in the room, a decrease in oxygen levels, the appearance and active growth of mold colonies, and the destruction of the finish and supporting structures of the building.
If in the pool:

  • it is difficult to breathe, bouts of dizziness and suffocation appear;
  • fogging up on windows and walls;
  • untidy white-yellow, gray or black spots of mold are visible on the surfaces;
  • smells of stagnant water and mustiness;

the ventilation does not work. There may be reasons for this: initially there is no ventilation system in the premises; it is designed for a smaller area; natural ventilation is used.

How to fix the problem of insufficient ventilation in the pool?

Depending on what initially serves as a source of problems, the optimal solution is selected: the introduction of a mechanical ventilation system, an increase in the capacity of the existing one, and the reorganization of the natural one.
But how cost-effective is it to implement a powerful exhaust system for a private pool in a 25 m2 home or sauna? It’s probably too costly.
In European countries (Germany, France, Italy) they found an elegant way out of this situation. Pool owners, in addition to natural ventilation (which, as we know, do not always cope with their tasks), they install forced ventilation systems:

  • electric fans;
  • hoods;
  • solar collectors.

Each of these systems has merits. So, electric fans and hoods work regardless of the weather, while solar collectors can be installed on non-electrified facilities in any corner of the country.

How to fix the problem of insufficient ventilation in the pool?

But every year the share of energy-efficient systems is growing. Why?

  1. They are universal – the product line allows you to ventilate a pool area of ​​​​20 and 250 square meters in any premises: from private houses to sports complexes.
  2. Safe – operating on solar or, for example, wind energy, the systems are not connected to the power grid, they do not increase the load on it, do not cause a short circuit, do not create a dangerous situation with bare wires.
  3. Environmentally friendly – do not emit toxic and other substances, preserving the nature and health of others.
  4. They do not require constant investments in maintenance, since only the purchase and installation are paid.
  5. They create a healthy microclimate by increasing the supply of oxygen and filtering the incoming air.
  6. Installation does not require permits, installation does not require special equipment. equipment.

Energy-efficient systems, manufactured and tested by professionals, are available to everyone in the West. Such equipment for ventilating pools, houses, summer cottages and other premises came to Russia in 2015. It has been purchased and successfully used by more than a thousand people across the country.

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