Greenhouse heating with solar energy

Heating greenhouses helps to create a favorable climate for the development of plants in autumn and winter.
Heating the greenhouse in winter maintains the required level of heat (+17…+20°C) inside the greenhouse in a natural way, protecting seedlings from death due to hypothermia or freezing.

Proper heating in the greenhouse: norms

Grejanje staklenika solarnom energijom

Heating of winter greenhouses is regulated by the norms and rules of SNiP 2.10.04-85 “Greenhouses and greenhouses”, which state:

  • heating of winter greenhouses and hotbeds is carried out using secondary energy resources, heat from geothermal waters, if there are no listed sources – from thermal power plants, nuclear
  • power plants and combined heat and power plants or own heat sources;
  • heat supply and ventilation of greenhouses are organized based on taking into account the heat received by the soil during the day (in the cold season) and from the sun’s radiation (in the warm season);
  • the greenhouse heating system is designed with the condition that the coolant temperature is not higher than 150 °C.

Greenhouse heating: types

Greenhouse heating: types

Ways to organize greenhouse heating in winter are based on the use of:

  • gas;
  • electricity;
  • solar energy;
  • infrared radiation.

Heating of greenhouses with gas works using gas heaters. The gas is burned directly inside the greenhouse. During the operation of gas generators, carbon dioxide and steam are produced, which are necessary for plants. The downside of the system is that there is a high probability of oxygen burnout. This leads to the death of plants.
Electric heating of industrial greenhouses is carried out by the following methods:

  • the use of convectors (in this case, the soil does not warm up enough);
  • the use of heaters (cause overdrying of the air);
  • heating with cables (overheating of the root system of plants is possible);
  • water heating of industrial greenhouses (disadvantages: high cost, complex installation, the need for constant monitoring).

With the help of infrared heating, the soil, the location of the plants, the design of the greenhouse are heated. The system uses heating and control devices. Cons – high cost and high electricity costs.

Heating greenhouses with solar energy

Heating greenhouses with solar energy

The types of greenhouse heating listed above do not make it possible to eliminate operating costs. This issue is solved by heating, based on the operation of devices that accumulate free public energy from the sun. The equipment is now used in Europe, USA, Canada.
Heating greenhouses with solar energy eliminates the need to pay for heating with gas or electrical appliances. The equipment is easy to install, it works autonomously in spring, winter, summer and autumn.

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