Heater for the warehouse

The heater for the warehouse is used to maintain a certain temperature value, the latter is determined based on the nature of the stored products. The premises of the warehouse without local heating are not used in the cold season if employees work in the warehouse.

Why do you need a warehouse heating

Warehouse heating is necessary for:

  • proper storage of goods – products have storage standards;
  • To prevent damage to goods – in the heated room there is no damp and moisture, mold, fungus;
  • Comfortable work of employees – registration of overheads, packing, marking of products and other operations should be carried out in conditions that meet the norms of labor protection;
  • the correct operation of equipment, office equipment, communication, electricians, electric loaders and other equipment.

Problems due to insufficient warehouse heating

Heater for the warehouse

With insufficient heating, the following problems arise:

  • Food products freeze, electronics fails, chemicals and household chemicals change properties, etc. – as a result, the enterprise incurs losses;
  • Violation of labor protection standards will lead to fines of the enterprise, the maintenance personnel due to negative temperatures is at risk of the disease;
  • The equipment is out of order – additional costs for the service or the cost of buying new equipment are required;
  • The interior decoration of the room is spoiled, which leads to the destruction of the skin, the collapse of structures, shelves, to accidents, etc.

Using heaters for the warehouse

The peculiarity of the storage facilities is that they combine two areas in themselves: one for storage, the second – for rest and work of employees. The creation of an economical warehouse heating in these conditions is difficult: the creation of a complex engineering system is required. To avoid this, they resort to local heating of the warehouses.

There are 5 types of heaters for the warehouse-these are convectors, IR heaters, split systems, thermal guns and a solar manifold.

The convector, as a heater for the warehouse, has a shortage – it slowly heats large rooms.

IR heaters require electricity, in case of disconnecting, the room will freeze. Thermal gun is an air heater for the warehouse. They make noise, burn oxygen, preventing employees from working, consuming energy resources in astronomical quantities, and creating a danger of fire.

Solar collector, as an economical and autonomous heater for the warehouse

Solar collectors are a subspecies of air heaters. Their difference is that free energy is used for work – the sun. When it enters the heating device of the sunlight, it turns on and begins to escalate air into the room, previously warming it up.
A solar collector is an autonomous heater for the warehouse. Its main advantages:

  1. Safety – there are no parts working from electricity, which means there is no fire, close, breakdowns.
  2. Efficiency – the collector heats the premises of storage facilities with any area.
  3. Environmental friendliness – during operation, no harmful impurities are released into the air, oxygen is not burned.

The cost of solar collectors of the air type is comparable with the cost of other heating devices, but at the same time they win in convenience, ease of installation and unpretentiousness: for installation, design documents, maintenance-replacement of the filter every two to five years (depends on the conditions of use of the collector).
Owners of warehouses in Europe prefer solar heaters for the warehouse.

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