Montechevo project: CWP Europe invests 360 million euros in the largest solar power plant in Montenegro

The signed agreement on cooperation and implementation of socially responsible activities between the capital city of Cetinje and the company Sun Horizon Podgorica paves the way for the development and successful implementation of the Montechevo project, which will be one of the most critical investments in the production of energy from renewable energy sources in our country, with a significant contribution to the development of the cities of Cetinje and Montenegro. Read more on the website.

The construction of the solar plant will begin in 2025, and the value of the investment is 360 million euros. After commissioning, Montechevo will become the largest solar power plant in Montenegro.

Montechevo project
Photo by: Gustavo Fring

The Montechevo project, which is realized by CWP Europe, brings significant investments in the development of solar energy sources in Montenegro. The plant will become the largest solar power plant in the country, bringing numerous advantages to the main town of Cetinje and Montenegro. The cooperation between the companies Sun Horizon and Prijestonica Cetinje also includes support for local businesses, improvement of infrastructure, and creation of jobs for the local population. The Montechevo project is a project of ecologically conscious communities and will contribute to the improvement of the situation in the fields of ecology, economy, society, and other spheres. This project reflects CWP Europe’s commitment to the development of renewable energy sources and decarbonization of the region, which is an important step in the fight against climate change.

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