LONGI Hi-MO 5 model LR5-72HBD-545M


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High capacity solar panels applicable to household, terrestrial power station and large C & I projects.
High power and efficiency, long life and high reliability.

Maximum power (Pmax): 545 W;
Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 49.65 V;
Size: 2256×1133×35mm;

Smart Soldering

LONGI Hi-MO 5 model LR5-72HBD-545M

Uniform smart soldering increases the power and efficiency of the module, and improves the power load capacity

Optimized Electrical Parameters

LONGI Hi-MO 5 model LR5-72HBD-545M

The working current is about 13A, which is perfectly adapted to mainstream string inverters

Gallium-doped Technology

LONGI Hi-MO 5 model LR5-72HBD-545M

Gallium-doped technology overcomes the LID degradation and guarantees the long-term power generation stability of the module

Smart Module Packaging and Logistics

LONGI Hi-MO 5 model LR5-72HBD-545M

Smart module packaging solutions are used to achieve high reliability, low-cost transportation and logistics

Optimized Module Size

LONGI Hi-MO 5 model LR5-72HBD-545M

Large-format modules with M10 wafer size use dual-glass and frame packaging to ensure module strength

Bifacial Energy Yield

LONGI Hi-MO 5 model LR5-72HBD-545M

Additional power generation from the backside of bifacial modules increases the overall energy yield, which has been verified by customers and third-party testing organizations

LONGI Hi-MO 5 model LR5-72HBD-545M

Layout: 144(6×24)
Junction box: IP68, split type, 3 diodes
Weight: 32.3kg
Size: 2256×1133×35mm
Packaging: 31 pcs./pallet, 155 pcs./20GP, 620 pcs./40HC, 682 pcs./13.5m FR, 806 pcs./17.5m FR

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Anodized Aluminium Alloy

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