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Sauna is, in fact, the same familiar bath, only dry. This custom of steaming in a “dry bath” came to Russia from Finland, and the word itself is Finnish. The heat in the steam room comes from heated stones, and after it they cool down in a cool pool. Heating of stones and heating of a sauna is carried out by means of an electric oven or a wood-burning stove. The stones are not poured with water, because there should be no steam formation in the Finnish “bath”. The air temperature can be up to 160 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than in a traditional Russian bath. But since the steam is dry and not wet, a person is able to withstand this temperature.
As for humidity, its value is not more than 25%, and in a Russian bath, the humidity indicator is 90%.

What is sauna heating for?

What is sauna heating for?

Despite the very high temperature in the steam room, the stove heater alone is not enough to heat the building. Why do you need heating in the sauna of a private house? Firstly, for comfort – undressing in a cold room is not very pleasant. Secondly, if the building has rooms for relaxation, where you can drink tea or sit with friends, then they also need to be heated. Thirdly, despite the fact that there is dry steam in the steam room, condensate is still formed from the temperature difference, settling on the walls and on the ceiling.
After the end of hygiene procedures, it is necessary that the room dry out, otherwise, a fungus will appear on the walls, the decoration in the room under such conditions will not last long. If the building has a bathroom, then space heating is needed so that in winter the frost does not “break” the pipes and communications.

Types of sauna heating systems

The most common ways to heat a sauna:

  • furnace;
  • gas;
  • electric;
  • home;
  • solar.

Stove heating

Stove heating in the sauna of a private house is used in small rooms. From the stove, the whole building warms up. The disadvantages of such heating are obvious: until the stove warms up, it will be cold in the room, it takes time to kindle, after the end of the procedures, all the water must be drained, otherwise it will freeze. It is impossible to make a bathroom in such a building, and it will also not work to install a water heater due to the unstable air temperature in the room. A very high fuel consumption, because a thorough warming up of the sauna is required for a comfortable reception of bath procedures.

Gas heating

Gas heating

A gas boiler is installed in a special room of the boiler room, which heats the room. Such heating is justified only for large buildings. You can install autonomous gas convectors, fed from gas cylinders.
Cons of heating on gas:

  • gasification of the site or arrangement of an autonomous one is required;
  • it is necessary to pay for the gas project;
  • you have to pay for gas (in winter you get a decent amount);
  • for heating a sauna using cylinders, careful observance of safety standards is required;
  • require the services of a professional installer.

Electric heating

For its arrangement, it will be necessary to conduct a cable of the required section, which is calculated depending on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe building; install several radiators and equip underfloor heating.
Disadvantages of electric heating of the building:

  • for uninterrupted operation, you will need to buy a generator, otherwise in the event of a power outage, all equipment will become unusable due to frost;
  • additional payment for electricity;
  • It will require the involvement of specialists for wiring and installation of equipment.

Home heating

Home heating

If the bath building is located next to the house, then they conduct a heating main from the boiler room in the house, and radiators are mounted in the building itself.
System disadvantages:

  • the consumption of gas and electricity is increasing;
  • you need additional space for installing the system and the help of specialists in installation;
  • it is necessary to insulate the pipeline of the heating main, and these are additional costs;
  • may require approval of the project in the appropriate structure.

Solar sauna heating

Another heating method is space heating using solar energy. This method has long been used abroad – in Canada, America, Europe. Heating with solar energy is devoid of the disadvantages that the above methods of sauna heating have.
Benefits of solar heating:

  • no connection to communication systems;
  • does not depend on the availability of electricity and gas;
  • no need for fuel;
  • no need to pay for use – after all, the source of energy is the sun.

The device is easy to use – it heats the air, and the heated air is distributed throughout the room.
It is enough to buy a solar heating system once, which will provide heating for the sauna and you will not have to pay any more. The device of the system is accessible, understandable, installation is easy to do on your own.

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