Sea Wave Energy Ltd Wave Energy Utilization Technology

Learn about the technology from Sea Wave Energy Ltd that allows for the use of ocean wave energy to generate electricity. An environmentally friendly and endless source of energy.

Alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and one of these sources is ocean wave energy. Sea Wave Energy Ltd has developed a technology that enables the harnessing of ocean wave energy to generate electricity. The key components of the technology are modular and can be produced on automated production lines. Additionally, any material that can be recycled and serve for a long time (e.g., recycled plastic) can be used for production.

Wave Energy Utilization Technology

Advantages of Using Ocean Wave Energy

Environmental cleanliness

Ocean wave energy does not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional energy sources such as oil and coal.


Ocean waves are a constant source of energy, meaning it is inexhaustible and does not require long replenishment.

Efficiency and Availability

Efficiency is a measure of how much wave energy is converted into electricity, and availability is a measure of the percentage of time the installation can convert wave energy into electricity.

Paul Geason, CEO of Wave Swell Energy, reported that during a year of operation, the UniWave 200 system demonstrated an efficiency of around 50% and an availability of about 80%. According to the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan, wind turbines typically operate at around 50% efficiency, and solar panels at 15-20% efficiency. As for availability, wind turbines have a rate of 95-97%, and solar panels have a rate of 92-96%.

Sea Wave Energy Ltd Wave Energy Utilization Technology

However, like any other alternative energy source, there are some disadvantages. For example, the production and installation of equipment for harnessing ocean wave energy can be expensive and resource-intensive. Additionally, ocean wave energy can be unstable and dependent on weather conditions.

Nevertheless, utilizing ocean wave energy is one of the many ways to diversify energy sources and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources. The advancement of technology in this field could lead to a reduction in production and installation costs, making the use of ocean wave energy more accessible and efficient in the future.

A single Waveline Magnet device can have a power capacity of over 100 MW under suitable conditions, and mass production allows achieving a standardized cost of electricity of less than 1 euro cent per kWh. For modern wave energy generators, the best cost indicator for energy is 85 euro cents per kWh.

Adam Zakheos, the inventor and head of the company

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