Air solar collector for a private house

The comfort of living in a country house largely depends on the quality of the work of engineering communications that support a healthy microclimate all year round.The air solar collector in a private house allows you to effectively solve the problems of ventilation and heating.
When designing ventilation and heating for a cottage, it is important not only to ensure compliance with hygienic air norms and maintaining a certain temperature in the winter season.The owner seeks to do the operation of engineering communications safe, energy -efficient, to reduce the consumption of electricity and other resources.The solar collector in a private house allows you to achieve these goals with minimal financial expenses.
It is a fully autonomous equipment operating on compensated solar energy.Depending on the model, the collectors are distinguished by the purpose – the creation of ventilation or heating, power, performance, cost.A wide variety of devices allows you to choose a solar collector for any private house, regardless of its area and geometry.

Air solar collector for ventilation in a private house

Air solar collector for ventilation in a private house

Solar equipment solves the main problemsventilation in a country house:

  • eliminates the mustache and does not allow the air masses to stagnate in the rooms;
  • provides an influx of fresh air at the rate of at least 30 m3/h per adult;
  • regulates humidity, preventing condensate from forming.

The premises are installed healthy and comfortable for humans and pets microclimate.Ventilation in a private house, built on the use of air solar collectors, prevents mold growth, which helps to increase the service life of the cottage.
The principle of the collector is as follows: fresh street air falls into the device and heats up under the influence of sunlight.Then, with the help of a fan, it is pumped into the room where it begins to circulate due to the difference in temperature and pressure.Strived air masses are removed through ventilation mines and natural gaps.The equipment is turned on every time the sun shines on it, so it is usually mounted on the southern and eastern side of the house or on the roof.
The air solar collector in a private house is used to create centralized and local ventilation in the bathrooms, in the kitchen, in the pool.

Air solar collector for heating in a private house

Designing heating for a country cottage, the owner seeks to make the house warm and at the same time reduce the costs of the purchase and installation of equipment.Air solar collector forheating in a private house:

  • does not require connection to CTP;
  • fully autonomous;
  • It does not consume either electricity or other fuel, so that during the heating season, accounts from energy sales companies are not growing.

Using the collector in the autumn-winter period, the house maintains a stable positive temperature.The rooms are heated quickly due to the circulation of warm air in them, warming the floor and walls.

Advantages of solar collectors

Air solar collector for a private house

Air solar collectors are successfully used for housing and communal services in the USA, Canada, Russia, European and CIS countries.Due to its low cost, simple installation, lack of commissioning, they can significantly reduce the costs of creating ventilation and heating in private houses.Suitable for use in remote, non -electrified settlements, in villages with a difficult supply of fuel.
The air solar collector in a private house is environmentally friendly, autonomous, is easy to operate.This is a modern solution aimed at creating engineering communications with minimal costs.

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