Air solar collector for attic

The organization of heating and ventilation in the attic is necessary for a number of reasons. This allows you to expand the effective area of the house, reduce the heat loss of the object, extend the service life of the cottage. The air solar collector for the attic is used to create heating and ventilation systems with minimal costs.

If engineering communications are carried out in the attic after commissioning the house into operation, the laying of heating and ventilation entails serious financial and temporary expenses. But not in the case of choosing a solar collector for the attic. The installation of this equipment does not require the preparation of design documentation and estimates, approval with regulatory authorities. Installation is fast, there are no expensive start -up work: the collector is immediately ready to work.
The choice of a solar collector for the attic is simple. There are two types of equipment: to create heating and ventilation. Models differ in power and dimensions, and a suitable device is selected based on the attic area. For large rooms, it is advisable to purchase several collectors.
The equipment works according to the following principle: the collector enters the air heated due to solar energy. When the air temperature rises, the fan directs it into the attic. Heat is given to walls, floor, household items. The attic warms up, and the musty air is removed through the mines and hatches.

Air solar collector for heating the attic

Air solar collector for attic

If the consumer acquires a solar manifold for heating the attic, the equipment not only maintains a positive temperature in the cold season, but also copes with the accompanying tasks. For example, it does not allow freezing walls and wetting the insulation. The heat loss of the house and the load on the boiler room are reduced, and building materials last longer.
The air solar collector for heating the attic works autonomously, does not connect to the mains. Suitable for heating non -electrified objects, cottages of seasonal residence. The equipment is safe, easy to use.

Air solar collector for ventilation of attic premises

When a solar manifold is used to create ventilation, a healthy microclimate is installed in the house. The collector is not just responsible for the influx of fresh air in sufficient volume. Along the way, he eliminates excess moisture. It causes condensation, the growth of mold and fungi, a decrease in the service life of finishing materials.

Advantages of a solar manifold for the attic

Air solar collector for attic

Installing a solar manifold for the attic provides the following advantages:

  • Saving finance.

Heating and ventilation operating on solar energy can reduce electricity and fuel costs, accounts from energy -bust companies are reduced, the heating season does not bring additional expenses. The equipment itself has an affordable price for the consumer, do not need expensive related installation or commissioning.

  • Environmental friendliness and safety.

Collectors work on an updated resource, do not create harmful waste, are completely safe for humans and the environment.

  • Autonomy.

Ventilation and heating in the attic are autonomous, do not load centralized engineering communications. They work even in the case of an unscheduled shutdown of electricity or problems with fuel supply: the attic is always warm and comfortable.

The air solar collector for the attic can be installed both at the construction stage, and after the house is put into operation. Installation is simple and does not require large time and financial costs. And the ventilation or heating system created using the collector completely copes with its functions.

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